Umbrella EMG Class III

The collaboration project between EMG and Umbrella Armory brings us one of the first in the line of performance oriented custom guns that feature fully built internals with outstanding externals. These finely tuned guns feature stylish designs, crisp action, snappy response, match performance, and the durability to be used hard and keep coming back for more. No detail has been overlooked and each part has been carefully chosen for its merits in what it brings to the build as a whole.
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Product Information

10 lbs
Barrel Specification
6.03mm, R-Hop
11.1v Battery
Fire Modes
Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Inner Barrel
Max. Length
Min. Length
Muzzle Velocity
Rate of Fire
12 Months
Thread Direction

Manufacturer description

Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) is the R&D division of which specializes in high end / top tier custom guns and equipment that is suitable for training as well as skirmishing. EMG works very closely with various manufacturers and custom shops to make sure the highest level of quality and performance standards are met for each product.

Availability: Exclusively on A purchase from this site is only granted if the customer requests a custom design.

Included: Plano padded foam hard case, 5x high RPS polymer mid-cap magazines

Umbrella EMG Class III
G&P MOTS 12.5" KeyMod hand guard with forward Picatinny rails
12.5" Daniel Defense licensed precision CNC machined aluminum outer barrel by Madbull
Licensed Griffin Armament M4SDII Steel Flash Compensator by PTS
Removable flip-up polymer Rhino Sights by EMG
G&P golf ball texture rubberized KeyMod vertical grip included
Low profile T1 style optic with CNC milled tall mount included
G&P M4 receiver parts kit with metal hopup
Prometheus 6.03mm inner diameter 300mm tight bore inner barrel
R-hop tuning
Custom precision CNC machined aluminum upper and lower receiver
Precision laser engraved EMG and Umbrella Armory trademarksr
Weather resistant matte black anodized finishr
Ambidextrous magazine releaser
G&P laser engraved 6-position buffer tuber
Enlarged ambidextrous charging handle by Angel Customr
Ergonomic pistol grip with slip resistant scale texture by G&Pr
Mission First Tactical Battlelink Utility stock with modified battery compartmentr
Ambidextrous steel sling swivelr
Retro Arms CNC machined selector switch (red); tuned for smooth operation with distinct detent clicksr
Retro Arms CNC machined match trigger (red); tuned for short travel and smooth pullr
Lonex gearbox shellr
Siegetek Concepts CNC chromoly steel gear set (14.09 ratio)r
Ultra fast rate of fire (35 RPS)r
Lonex Aluminum CNC cylinder headr
Lonex ventilated aluminum piston headr
Rocket Airsoft Full Steel Tooth Pistonr
ZCI 8mm steel bushingsr
ZCI M130 steel springr
SHS long nozzler
ZCI spring setr
ZCI 16 TPA balanced motorr
Chimera V2 BTC mosfetr
Precision gearbox shimming and fine tuning for optimized cyclingr
11.1v 1300mAh LiPo battery + BMS charger includedr

Our honest review

When we first considered the collaboration project with we were all in on the idea of using the G&P Receiver Kit which is not only made of a high grade materials, but also works great with all the upgrades that we had in mind. The concept we considered required some of the best parts in the market, as we were going for great mid-range accuracy, great trigger response and a relatively high rate of fire. All in all the Battle Rifle you would need when you are going for durability and consistency. This gun was designed to not let you down and to support you in every situation you find yourself in.

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