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The OCAW Bravos are compromised between the Alphas and Charlie. They are highly upgraded without the hefty price tag. The Bravo CQB Rifle is the ultimate CQB arena rifle. Shooting at 350FPS, it is within the FPS limit of all CQB arena. The DSG also provides the rifle with high rate of fire and extreme trigger response. The R-hop equipped 6.02 Steel Tight Bore Barrel guarantee you that even in CQB arenas, the rifles have top notch accuracy and range to give you the ability to hit end-to-end.


  • Umbrella Armory Bravo Receiver
  • Retro Arms CNC machined match trigger (red); tuned for short travel and smooth pull
  • Retro Arms CNC machined selector switch (red); tuned for smooth operation with distinct detent clicks
  • G&P 8" Outer Barrel
  • VFC Trigger Guard
  • Ambidextrous VFC Mag Catch
  • Troy battle grip motor grip by Madbull Airsoft
  • Troy battle stock by Madbull Airsoft
  • Licensed PRI handguard by Madbull Airsoft
  • VFC Bolt Release
  • VFC Buffer Tube
  • ZCI 229mm
  • Umbrella Armory R-hop
  • Lonex 70 Degree Bucking
  • Rotary Plastic Hopup
  • Lonex Reinforced Gearbox
  • Strengthened Spring Kit
  • 16TPA Neodymium Magnet Balance Motor
  • Steel 8mm Bushings [x6]
  • ZCI 13:1 Bearing Gearset
  • Steel ARL
  • Aluminum Full Cylinder
  • CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head
  • CNC Aluminum Air Nozzle
  • Guarder Tappet Plate
  • 2 Metal mil-spec washers
  • CNC Aluminum Piston Head
  • Steel Bearing Spring Guide
  • M130 Spring
  • Retro Arms Piston 8 Teeth SHS Piston
  • Xcortech 304u MOSFET
  • Lonex Safety Latch
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