OCAW Alpha BR (Legacy)

The OCAW Battle Rifle has been specifically designed around the player that sees himself in ever changing environments, with new tasks on hand but no time to change his equipment.

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Product Information

10 lbs
Barrel Specification
6.03mm, R-Hop
11.1V Lipo
Fire Modes
Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Inner Barrel
Max. Length
12 months
Thread Direction

Manufacturer description

The OCAW gun line has been put into existence to fill the void for high end airsoft guns. We wanted to build a system that allowed players to get perfection out of the box, while catering to the specific needs of each player. The OCAW Battle Rifle specifically has been designed around the player that sees himself in ever changing environments, with new tasks on hand but no time to change his equipment.

Designed to reach out to medium to long ranges, the R-Hop equipped barrel ensures supreme precision and the ability to outrange your opponents, when getting closer is not an option. The enhanced rate of fire though, will come in very handy in the more close quarter situations, where pure fire power can give you the upper hand. Combined with a crisp and short trigger pull you are going to perfectly equipped to handle the task of rifle man in almost every environment.

Availability: As seen in the pictures on Evike.com or as a custom version built to your liking.

Includes: 1 Battery, Foam Case, 2 PTS EP Mags, Patches 

Disclaimer: 450FPS version will shoot at a reduced rate of fire. 

OCAW Alpha BR (Legacy)
  • UA Alpha Receiver
  • 10.5" Outer Steel Barrel
  • PTS M4SDII Airsoft Flash Compensator
  • Type A Red Selector Switch
  • G&P Ambidextrous Magazine Catch
  • Madbull / Umbrella Corporation Licensed Grip 23 Motor Grip for M4
  • Angel Custom Charging Handle 2nd Amendment
  • Madbull Airsoft SWS Licensed 9.28" Mid-Length Free Floating Handguard Rail
  • Mission First Tactical Battlelink Utility Stock
  • Ambidextrous Ghost Speed Bungee Sling Adaptor
  • Prometheus 285mm Inner Barrel
  • Umbrella Armory R-hop
  • Lonex Hopup Chamber
  • Retro Arms QSC V2 Gearbox
  • Custom AAC 30K
  • Siegetek 14:1 SSG
  • 1/1 Full Cylinder
  • Lonex Cylinder Head
  • Guarder Tappet Plate
  • Lonex POM Piston Head
  • Spring Guide QD
  • SHS Piston
  • BTC Chimera MOSFET V2 MK2
  • RA Type B Red Trigger
  • Our honest review

    The OCAW alpha line is the best we can do in 2016 when it comes to high end AEGs. Since a battle rifle should be a very balanced set up, versatile enough to excel in every situation you may find yourself in, you will not see the highest RPS or FPS we could technically achieve. The gun is situated well between the CQB-R and the DMR, to deliver a weighed out opportunity for those who don't want to decide for either extreme. In case you need that extra range or higher RPS, you should certainly consider those other two options. We also understand that this comes at quite a price and would suggest that you check out our Bravo line.
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