About Us

Umbrella Armory is shaping the future of Airsoft by upgrading and manufacturing innovative and premium airsoft weapons and components. 

We first established in June 2010 as an Airsoft Team. After being in the sport for a couple months we realised that regular Airsoft guns were just breaking way too frequently, lacking the performance that we needed to excel on the field. Building Umbrella Armory from the ground up, using the knowledge we gained on the field, gives us the opportunity to revolutinze the airsoft world today. Our company team still plays airsoft every weekend, to understand the needs of the airsoft community as precisley as possible. 

We established Umbrella Armory LLC to finally fill a void in the Airsoft Market: premium weapon upgrade and repair, customizable gun builds, and innovative equipment that is tailor-made for the industry. 

We shoot fast. We shoot far. We are accurate, reliable and top of the line.