High Power Airsoft Biodegradable BBs

The High Power Airsoft Enhanced Biodegradable BB's are the only high precision Airsoft BB who's biodegradation process has been approved by a U.S. accredited laboratory. In an effort to only offer the best of ammunition for our upgrades and rifles, we our proud to present 'High Power Airsoft Enhanced Biodegradable BB's' as the official Airsoft ammunition for Umbrella Armory.

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With a wide range of weights and variety to choose from, HPA's BBs has the perfect BB for every Airsoft gun.



Quality control and community testing ensure you will always hit your mark. These BBs also conform to the ISO standard of Rolling bearings — Balls — Dimensions and tolerances; ISO 32902001 G3.


Biodegradability in 365 days

HPA BB’s are the Only enhanced biodegradable BB’s who’s enhanced biodegradation process has been Approved by a U.S. accredited laboratory.

Umbrella Armory's Favorite BB

High Powered Airsoft (HPA) is the official recommended BB brand for Umbrella Armory. These BBs undergo the most rigorous QC measures to ensure absolute precision that is unseen elsewhere in the industry. Choose the right weight for you based on your fields rules, or your rifles FPS and barrel set up. All rifles using our Umbrella Armory R-Hop precision barrels should use .28g or heavier BBs to unlock the most potential from our upgrade. For higher powered Airsoft rifles, we recommend equipping .36g or heavier BBs to ensure the most precise and consistent flight path.

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