Star Wei CNC Neodymium Motor (Long Type)

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Umbrella Armory Star Wei CNC Neodymium Motor (Long Type)

We proudly introduce the Star Wei CNC Neodymium High Performance Motor.
With over a decade of airsoft teching experience, and dozens of comparisons between motors. This is simply the best one we've found.

We have experienced lower motor heat across the board using the same build platform when compared to other motors.
These motors have some of the strongest pinions we have ever seen on a motor. With one of the best sound-meshing with Siegeteks, SHS, and ZCI Gearsets.
Star Wei is our go to motor for almost all builds in our armory. Including the OCAW, and EMG Class III rifles.

Motor Type: Long
Endbell: CNC Aluminum
Magnet: Neodymium
RPM: 18K (28TPA), 30K (16TPA), 35K (15TPA), 40K (14TPA), 45K (13TPA)
Armature Type: Helical

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