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Umbrella Krytac LMG Carbine
Umbrella Krytac LMG Carbine

Umbrella Krytac LMG Carbine

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Velocity   400 FPS at ideal hop with .2 Gram BBs
Rate of Fire  ~30 RPS on a 11.1 V 20c LiPo Battery   (Adjustable/Programmable Fire Modes) 
Effective  Range  225 Feet with .32 Gram BBs
Response  Time  .07ms with Pre-Cocking / ~.7ms without

Umbrella Krytac CRB-M Carbine

This Krytac LMG is equipped with the latest essential top of the line upgrades to ensure versatility across changing battlefields by enhancing accuracy and range, alongside. We have lifted the rate of fire to achieve an extremely fast trigger response alongside an unprecedentedly short trigger pull which ensures that you are ready for every situation.


The Umbrella Krytac Carbine Mission Package incorporates speed and reliability while putting a major focus on versatility in changing environments, making this rifle perfect for close, medium, and long range engagements in which accuracy, range, and rounds per second is all tested to it's limits.

An enhanced rate of fire can change any player's game. This upgrade has been designed to give your Krytac a speed boost, bundled with crucial upgrades to the gearbox that enhance the reliability of your entire system. This upgrade bundles a multitude of upgrades, to achieve very reliable high end performance at a very economical value. It is certainly recommended for all those who are enthusiasts and for those who seek performance. 

All our Krytac rifles come with a Prometheus tight-bore barrel, equipped with our hand fitted R-Hop. The perfect upgrade for any gun, to increase accuracy, range and consistency of each shot fired. This upgrade goes far beyond just changing out your inner barrel, by pairing the R-Hop with a tight bore polished stainless steel inner barrel. The R-Hop improves the consistency of each consecutive shot, improves peak backspin and airseal and provides the user with higher tolerances to imperfections in the projectile. 

The Titan V2 Advanced MOSFET from GATE will enhance your experience by shortening the trigger pull, allowing for faster follow up semi-automatic firing. The settings on the MOSFET furthermore allow for different technical features which our technicians adjust for you in the factory, including features such as pre-cocking for even better trigger response. 

All internals have been hand-fitted in a long and labor intensive process, carried out by our technicians here in the United States, ensuring not only perfection but also consistency across a wide range of products. We use Star Wei motors for these upgrades, modified to accommodate the performance requirements for our rifles. They have proven to be reliable in long term tests, thanks to a lower heat signature and more durable components, such as a CNC-machined end bell and pinion gear. All in all these motors deliver long lasting, durable and consistent performance even in high-stress situations of prolonged shooting. 

We take pride in our work and ensure perfection and consistency by giving our customers a 6 month warranty on all internal components that are not subject to wear and tear (e.g. motor). For after the warranty expires, we offer a lifetime service package for all our guns, which ensures the lowest prices for parts and labor, keeping your upkeep costs to a minimum. 

Every component in an Umbrella Armory AEG is part of a perfectly balanced system designed to deliver unparalleled performance and consistency. Changing any of those internal parts, even the spring, will alter that balance and potentially cause severe damage not covered by our warranty.


Gearbox Shell Modified Krytac 8mm Nautilus V2 Gearbox Shell
Gear Set 18:1 Short Stroked Krytac Steel SSG, Spur Gear; ZCI Bevel
Motor Star Wei 40,000 RPM, 14 TPA Motor
MOSFET GATE Titan V2 Advanced 
Bearing Set Umbrella Armory 8mm Steel Ball Caged Bearings
Spring ASG Steel Tempered Spring
Piston Head Lonex POM Piston Head
Piston Body Rocket Short Stroked, 15 Steel tooth heat treated, Piston
Trigger Retro Arms CNC Red "J-Type" modified trigger
Tappet Plate Guarder V2 Tappet Plate
Tappet Spring G&G Tappet Spring
Cylinder Polished Krytac Brass Ported Cylinder
Cylinder Head Modify V2  S303 Stainless Steel Cylinder Head
Air Nozzle VFC POM Air Nozzle with Internal O-ring
Hop Up Chamber M-Nubbed ProWin / Dytac CNC Hopup Chamber
Bucking Flat Hopped Madbull Blue Bucking
Inner Barrel RHopped Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel (280mm)
Charging Handle Krytac Charging Handle



  • AEG Rifle with Flip-up Sights
  • Black Metal Muzzle Brake (Unattached)
  • (2) Matrix 11.1 V / 2000mAh /20C Deans (Crane Style) Battery
  • Krytac LMG Box Magazine
  • GATE Titan Advanced USB Link/Manual
  • (2) Umbrella Armory Large PVC Patch
  • (2) Umbrella Armory Small PVC Square Crest Patch
  • (1) Umbrella Armory Medium PVC Square Crest Patch


USA Based Technicians.

This AEG is manufactured by Krytac and upgraded by hand here in the United States in Chino, California.



  • This AEG is sold with an orange tip and neon tape.
  • Use 0.28g BBs or heavier for best performance.
  • Break in period of about 4000 rounds.
  • Six Month Warranty and Lifetime Service Agreement is included with this Airsoft Rifle.