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Madbull CW to CCW 14mm Adapter

The MadBull CW to CCW Threaded Adapter for 14mm Outer Barrel is the perfect option if you have a G&P or other airsoft gun that has 14mm clockwise threading at the end of the barrel, and want to be able to add flash hiders, amplifiers, or barrel extensions that require 14mm counter-clockwise threading. Simply thread this adapter onto the end of your barrel, and you are all set.

Manufacturer: Madbull Airsoft
Model:CW to CCW Adaptor
Color: Black
Size: 14mm
Package Includes: Adapter only

Converts your CW threading to CCW with just one easy step
Lightweight, sturdy aluminum construction

The Umbrella Build

The standard for pushing the boundaries in Airsoft.

An enhanced rate of fire can change any player's game. Precise accuracy can make the game unfair. Extended range can render you unreachable. Increased durability will outlast the competition.

Each part and careful modification we have installed within this build is integral for long term enjoyable performance; that we have built a tradition upon delivering to Airsofters.

Umbrella coverage

High performance care and extendable support to last a lifetime.

For absolute peace of mind, this gun is sold with an initial full year of warranty coverage from the date it leaves our facility. This coverage is able to be extended annually for endless support.

An included complementary service appointment to clean, and tune up this gun for prolonged care and after purchase support.

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