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the "meta" build mk-47

Why did we build this gun? Well, we are horribly addicted to the popular FPS survival game Escape from Tarkov and the Mutant is arguably the best gun in the game right now. Since we found out that CYMA in collaboration with EMG produced a fine specimen of a replica, we decided to go ahead and JUICE it out with the finest upgrades we can use for it so you can go chad up some timmys at your local field. 

Note: This rifle is a one-off bespoke build. In the near future, we will release the whole Mutant and CYMA upgraded gun line without the added accessories that this gun includes. Follow us on our newsletter to get notified when they are released! 

We upgraded this rifle because, we noticed a few issues we wanted to address and improve. First the AoE is no where near corrected. During stress testing this was considered a fatal flaw as excessive damage could be seen on the pickup tooth of the piston, eventually leading to its failure. Though CYMA got many things right with this platinum series of gearbox, we also did see areas where we considered to be cutting costs unnecessarily. "Low profile" bearings should -always- be avoided whenever possible, as they rate about 33% weaker than normal.
CYMA had an odd choice with their sector gear. We noticed some excessive FPS drop off due to the sector/tappet timing being off. Here at Umbrella we specialize with high ROF builds and this is no different, our specific modifications allow for accurate fire in either Semi or Full Auto fire. This build was taken with extreme testing, over the course of a couple weeks of semi and full auto fire in our range. It was then opened, cleaned, regreased and closed again.

Internal Upgrades:

Warhead 27000 RPM Brushless Motor
Prometheus 6.03mm 280mm Lapped R-hop 3.0 Barrel w/ M-nub
UA Piston Unit w/ Lonex POM Piston Head
UA 8mm Caged Bearings 
Maxxpro Red trigger (Pre-Tuned)
SHS 12:1 Sector Gear Short Stroke 4
SHS 12:1 Spur Gear
Guarder Tappet Plate with Modified Spring

External Upgrades:

G&G 1.1-4 LPVO (Lightly Used) will zero windage for you 
Primary Arms 30mm Mount (Used) 
Magpul M-Lok RVG Black 
Krytac 10.5 in Aluminum Outer Barrel 
EMG Tracer Mock Suppressor Long

Wired to Deans
Comes with 1 200 rd Midcap Magazine

Performance Specs
30 RPS w/11.1v Lipo 
395 FPS +/- 1.5  w/0.20g BB

Special Notes: When plugging in an battery the CYMA MOSFET will play a "Boot up" song, however the brushless motor will skip some tones which is normal.

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