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This Hop-Up unit is a collaboration between Umbrella Armory and Maxx Model. No modification of the arm will be required if you choose to install this unit into an R-Hopped barrel.

We requested the Hop-Up arm modified to be used specifically for R-Hop setups. The nub is completely flat and it is different from the concave nubs that come with the MEs. This is to ensure the nub is placing pressure dead center on the R-Hop patch itself. This Hop-Up does not support Flat-Hop only setups. This unit should only be used with R-Hopped barrels in conjunction with a Flat-Hopped bucking because the wheel does not allow the arm to protrude as much as the ME models, to prevent damage to the patch. However, this allows for greater degrees of fine tuning on R-Hop Barrels.

Installation Notes

-For use with R-Hopped barrels in conjunction with Flat-Hopped buckings only.
-For use with 21.0mm-21.25mm Air nozzles.
-You may have to shave the front of the tappet plate to achieve perfect air seal especially if your nozzle is too short.
-It is recommend to use buckings with "short" lips. We recommend Madbull and Krytac Buckings.


For use with R-Hop Barrel assemblies only.

BB Retention latch prevents multiple BBs from exiting the chamber and can fire them without a magazine in the chamber.

Compatibility may vary, modification may be required for installation. See installation notes.


Base Hop-Up unit with C-Clip Only.

R-Hop Arm only included.

No brass stabilizer ring or inner barrel spring included; we suggest O-Ring Inner barrel stabilizers.

Inner barrel and bucking not included.

Umbrella Armory OEM part so no fancy packaging etc.

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