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better than a ptw

The Mk18. Does it really need an introduction? Maybe to those new to Airsoft and/or the firearm community; the Mk18 simply put is synonymous with modern USA Special Operation units. From Navy SEALs, MARSOC, Rangers, CAG etc; this is the primary platform used by these units. Thus making the Mk18 the goto for those looking to complete a NATO MILSIM kit. Aside from just the looks fitting in with the kit you are rolling, the Mk18 is pure functional performance. The Daniel Defense quad picatinny rail system the Mk18 uses is faithfully replicated and officially licensed here by VFC in that it is rugged, realistically secure, and light. The receiver also features Colt trades just like the real one. To further improve this AEG, the internals have been completely replaced with OCAW tier internals to outperform like the real steel counterpart.

The rate of fire can be adjusted or semi-locked to meet field requirements; however, with the high speed gear set, this AEG achieves an extremely fast trigger response for crisp and responsive follow up shots. We have installed a Maxx adjustable trigger so users can tune it for reduced pull and reset making shots spammable. The installed GATE Titan Advanced is pre-tuned by our technicians for optimal performance. Users can check statistics, diagnostics, and change preferences via the included USB link.



For absolute peace of mind, this rifle is sold with a full year of warranty coverage from the date it leaves our facility.


service appt

An included complementary service appointment to clean, and tune up this AEG for prolonged care and after purchase support.


Measured with .2 gram BBs. This is the reference velocity we test this AEG to shoot under but as close as possible to. Different extreme environments, and hop up adjustments may affect velocity measurements. Contact customer support if you would like to request an alteration


Tested at 12.6 Volts on our power supply that simulates a fully charged 11.1 Volt LiPo Battery. This is the reference rate of fire we test this AEG to shoot at minimum at. Rate of fire may be higher depending on slight deviations of part tolerance/batch changes. Rate of fire can be adjusted down via GATE Titan GCS.


Measured with .32 gram BBs (suggested weight for optimal velocity and range effectiveness). This is the approximate furthest range the user can consistently engage players at with this AEG based on our experience. Different extreme environments, BB weight and hop up adjustments may affect effective range.


Tested at 12.6 Volts on our power supply that simulates a fully charged 11.1 Volt LiPo Battery. This is the approximate time this AEG takes to complete a full cycle from trigger pull to piston pick up to release. Note this is not a Trigger response time (trigger pull to piston release) as that can be manipulated through pre-cocking and not an effective measurement of performance throughput.

increased accuracy, rate of fire, performance, potential

An enhanced rate of fire can change any player's game. Precise accuracy can make the game unfair. Extended range can render you unreachable. Increased durability will outlast the competition.

The parts our engineers install are constantly updating to equip customers with the best balance between out performance and maintenance in the pursuit of an elevated Airsoft experience.

  • r-hop 2.0 full inner barrel assembly | retro arms shell | siegetek |
  • GATE titan advanced | UA bearing set | ASG boost motor | more

View our Trello Board to see the latest build we are using with this rifle and everything included with it.


Total weight of rifle without battery and magazine installed.


Length of upgraded/installed R-Hopped tight bore inner barrel.

-14mm (counter clockwise)

Use -14mm (counter clock wise) compatible muzzle devices with this rifle.

27.3" - 30.7"

Length of rifle with stock collapsed and extended.


Battery: Can fit 11.1v 2000mah 20c Li-po (Deans/T-Plug)

Magazine: (Standard M4 AEG type compatible.) PTS EPM; Krytac Mid-Cap; KWA MS120; Lonex Flash Mag

Ammo: Suggested weight is .32g for general optimal range and velocity. Lighter weight will require user to turn down hop up; heavier weight will have extended travel time but increased range/accuracy.

*Current estimated lead time. Custom built to order item. May take up to 8 weeks to fulfill.

*All Airsoft guns will be shipped with a blaze orange tip that is Federally required.

*Magazine pictured may not be included. Please check "Features" section to view included items.

*Optic and Mock suppressor shown not included.

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

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