Umbrella Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel with R-hop

The perfect upgrade for any gun, to increase accuracy, range and consistency of each shot fired. This upgrade goes far beyond just changing out your inner barrel, by pairing the R-Hop with a tight bore polished stainless steel inner barrel.

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Product Information

1 lbs
Most Airsoft AEGs
Stainless Steel

Manufacturer description

R-Hop is a popular modification in the Airsoft community to enhance the range and the consistency of the flight path of your BBs. We are installing a high density rubber patch in the hop up window and then polish it perfectly flush and flat to the inside of the barrel to ensure perfect fitment. The R-Hop improves the consistency of each consecutive shot, improves peak backspin and airseal and provides the user with higher tolerances to imperfections in the projectile. All of these features combine to offer the user a higher performing Airsoft weapon, making the rifle more versatile between different scenarios.

Due to the stronger and more consistent pressure we are putting on the BB we are now able to use heavier BBs. Those heavy BBs which will ensure less drift in windy situations and enable you to reach out even further than with light weight BBs. 

  • Barrels are crafted from high quality SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Precision machined 6.03mm inner diameter
  • Polished internal barrel provides enhanced accuracy and range over stock inner barrels
  • Precision fitted high density rubber patch fitted to hop-up window and sanded flush
  • Improved air seal and back spin
  • Stabilized projectile flight
  • High tolerances for inconsistencies in Airsoft BB

Lead time applies since all our R-Hop Barrels are hand fitted

Expect that some rifles may require modification of the Hop up Unit or other parts to allow for perfect fitment

Please use 0.28g BBs or heavier for best performance

Some AEGs may require fitting of the Hop Up Unit performed by the customer

Umbrella Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel with R-hop

Our honest review

This upgrade is used in every rifle we are building for our clients and has been considered the best upgrade in Airsoft, considering its highly efficient cost/effect relationship. The first time we used this modification on our personal rifles it was very clear that there was no going back and that we had to find ways to perfect our manufacturing techniques to make this available to all of our clients.

Rigorous testing of ever barrel we hand make is our key to ensure absolute perfection. The modification is designed to ensure that a BB is able to pass through the barrel smoothly, while minimizing the space between the BB and the R-Hop when no Hop is applied. This ensure that you can tune your Hop Up to perfection by making very subtle changes to your hop.

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Professional installation is recommended. Make sure to use a proper flat-hop bucking or properly modified bucking with this barrel. Professional and accurate installation of the M-Nub into the Hop Up Chamber required. Take good care of the R-hop patch and clean it regularly. Swelling due to oils, scratches, etc not covered; Must include proof of purchase, barrel, and original patch.

Issues In case you experience excessive over hop it can be avoided by using heavier BBs and ensuring that your M-Nub is not applying any hop when set to its neutral position. Should you still experience over hop shave down your M-Nub to shorten and thereby optimize the distance it protrudes into the chamber. This is especially crucial in case you are not ordering our complete Hop Up set up where this tuning has already been done by our technicians.

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