Umbrella ARP9 Wombat

We at Umbrella Armory, have always wanted to offer our products and services to all players. The Umbrella G&G ARP 9 Wombat is for players who require speed above all else. Lightweight and extremely maneuverability at less than 4.5 pounds, you are definitely going to be able to cut corners with dominance. Combined with a shortened trigger pull and lightning fast cycle time, you won’t be able to out-shoot this trigger.

Options & Upgrades

  • $800.00

  • In Stock

Ships within two weeks.


Cycle Time

Shoots faster than you think.


Rate of Fire

Turns heads or keeps them down.


Muzzle Velocity

Perfect for indoor arenas.


Min. Length

The smallest rifle we ever offered.



Submachine gun weight to give you the upper hand in close quarters.


Effective Range

If you cant get them in one shot. Switch to full auto.

Close Quarter Wombat Machine

This AEG is manufactured by G&G and upgraded by us at Umbrella Armory.

Internal Features
Gate Titan
Dual Sector Gear
Steel Bevel Gear
15T piston
POM Piston Head
6.03mm Prometheus Barrel
Blue Cold Resistant Bucking
Modified Tappet plate
POM O-Ring Air Nozzle
CNC Cylinder Head
Umbrella 8mm Bearings

External features
Retro Arms Trigger red
Lightweight polymer receivers
Collapsible PDW Stock
Precision CNC Aluminum M-lok Rail
110rd Midcap with Maple Airsoft Supply Spring
Flip up Iron Sights
Charging Handle ambi

AEG Rifle with Iron Sights
2 x 11.1v Batteries
2 x X9 Classic Army 110rnd Modified Midcaps

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