40 RPS Krytac AEGs

These AEGs are manufactured by Krytac and then 
upgraded by us at Umbrella Armory to perform at
it's maximum potential. 


Guns built to last

The Umbrella Armory Line of Guns is more than just a next generation of airsoft weapons. These guns are an uncompromised vision of how airsoft weapons should perform.

“Make no sacrifices when it comes to your primary weapon”
Jordan Pham

Make it yours

Choose the gun that suits your playstile and make a statement by becoming one with it. No matter whether you are choosing the Alpha, Bravo or Charlie model, all of our weapons are only using the highest grade materials.’

We are very proud to say that all our guns are assembled by hand here in the United Staes, so that every time you play, you are holding a piece of American perfection in your hands.

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