About Us


The roots of Umbrella Armory

Umbrella Armory starts with a lengthy story. A story of a bunch of friends in high school getting together to play airsoft in the backwoods in Yorba Linda. Like many airsofters we were obsessed with war movies, the gear, guns and just trying to best one another. Our airsoft team composed of many different backgrounds but our commonality was airsoft. Due to our competitiveness against eachother we looked for otherways to improve the modest AEG.

Obsession and Passion.

From garage, small office, to warehouse.


Our founder, Jordan was already the go to for the entire team's armory. An armory spanning at that time, nearly a hundred differnt types of replicas spread among 16+ friends. It was the perfect opportunity to learn about so many different guns. Jordan wasn't alone in this conquest, several other friends also became part of the Umbrella Armory name as our team spread to weekly trips to local fields all rocking true "UA Built" rifles. The team, Umbrella United became a normal sight to see every week! From here things avalanched for the business, we started to offer tech services right on the field over at SC Village in Chino, California. Any tech work from MOSFET installs, wiring jobs, gears, motor etc was done right on the field thanks to our Mobile Tech tool cases and tables that we'd deploy every weekend.

Community Support

Our goal has always been to help others on and off the field. We believe airsoft is a community that needs to be engaged with. From spreading new teching methods, knowledge and just helping new players with basic gun maintenance. We will always be willing to help the average airsoft player.

What we do today

  • Research and Development with others in the industry to push the boundaries of performance in Airsoft
  • Contribute our findings across the network of Airsoft tech communities
  • High end, custom Airsoft guns
  • Premium and exclusive aftermarket parts and accessories
  • Reliable and affordable repairs
  • Custom Airsoft gun upgrades
  • Professional customer support
  • Routine trips at local SoCal Airsoft fields