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Email is our primary method of communication with our customers for the time being. At the latest, we will get back to you within 2 business days of submitting your initial email.

*Our Phone System is currently not operational at the moment. We are implementing a new system very soon, we apologize for the inconvenience.

"Drop a line"

Sometimes we are available for online instant messaging on our website. If we are offline, send us a message and we will get back to you soon.


What is Umbrella Armory, LLC?


Umbrella Armory  . . . IS THE PREMIERE airsofting and competitive sporting simulations' workshop that consists of Master Airsoft Technicians and Engineers dedicated towards delivering the best.

Our goal is to continue introducing high end products and upgrades, with professional assurance to Airsofters around the world craving more and wanting the best.
Established in 2013, Umbrella Armory originally began as a small group of high school friends playing at local Airsoft fields. Naturally all of our guns began to malfunction over time and with nowhere to fix them, we saw the need for a specialized tech service.  

Umbrella Armory is founded by Airsoft players and inspired by the seasoned guidance of members within the Airsoft teching community around the world. From the humble beginnings in the garage, to having our products being purchased worldwide, seen by millions online, and collaborating with the larger Airsoft companies in the industry; we want the performance and quality of Airsoft to grow and consider all of our customers to be part of that mission with the support they give us.

One of the most elite and premiere gunsmith services for your sporting needs:

  • Research and Development with others in the industry to push the boundaries of performance in Airsoft
  • Contribute our findings across the network of Airsoft tech communities
  • High end, custom Airsoft guns
  • Premium and exclusive aftermarket parts and accessories
  • Reliable and affordable repairs
  • Custom Airsoft gun upgrades
  • Professional customer support
  • Routine trips at local SoCal Airsoft fields  

Shipping and Restrictions (Please see our policies page for more info)

How do I get my rifle upgraded by Umbrella Armory?
Please visit our full list of currently supported manufacturers and choose the Mission Packages for your rifle. Once you have customized your order and checked out via our website, please follow the following steps:

  1. Print a copy of your invoice.
  2. Carefully package your AEG for shipping, and be sure to include those printouts inside the package. Do not include magazines, batteries, etc unless otherwise instructed. To avoid damage or delay, we recommend packaging and shipping your rifle well padded, including the orange blaze tip required by federal law and the neon markings required by California law.
  3. Ship the package to:
    Umbrella Armory LLC
    3857 Schaefer Ave, Ste. H
    91710 Chino, CA
  4. Send the tracking information (name of carrier and ID) to our customer support team to ensure that your order can be processed as quickly as possible.

International Clients

International Clients is responsible for all additional import fees and taxes. Complementary shipping will not be able to be provided for any International purchases or RMAs under any circumstances. Additionally, any returns involving International Orders will not be refunded any shipping charges paid by the customer.

Shipping Regions

Our shipping regions are currently limited due to varying regulations world wide. We are doing our very best to offer world wide service in the near future and want to let everyone know that we are aware that you are waiting direly to get one of our rifles. We should be able to extend our shipping options to the U.K. very soon and thereby also ensure better coverage for all of Europe.

Our products are currently available in:

United States

Canada (excluding batteries, Umbrella Mission Package upgrades, all upgrade services, and all rifles)

EU (excluding batteries, Umbrella Mission Package upgrades, all upgrade services, and all rifles)

Can't find your country in this list?

We are eager to ensure that is always well stocked with our newest models. Evike already offers great international shipping conditions to many countries, include most of Europe. Be sure to stay tuned to all new arrivals on to be sure to not miss out on anything.

International Warranty

Our Warranty Agreement holds equally for all clients around the world as we are eager to expand our network to ensure better coverage in the future. Please mind that Umbrella Armory can not cover shipping charges for international customers.

Why are your guns so expensive?

     Umbrella Armory is dedicated towards providing higher end performance with no compromise in Airsoft Period.

We carefully choose every part that goes into our work with countless hours of R&D to live up to our mission and ensure customers truly are receiving the best one the market. Our team is often left up to developing our own solutions for parts that are not able to deliver on our demands and most of our guns feature very specialized modifications that are only done by us or a handful of techs in the worldwide Airsoft teching community. Unlike others in the industry, we believe that every customer of our rifles should be able to count on us as their personal workshop of Airsoft armorers so they can stay in the game and leave the teching to us with little to no additional costs. Additionally, when our products and services do not deliver on your demands, we are passionate to tailor our work to the best of our abilities. Then for further and final assurance, we open source the parts list for our guns and upgrades so our customers truly know the value they are getting.

Our philosophy is high performance and reliability does not need to be a decision to make, but a promise we can offer.                                        

I already have an Airsoft gun, can you guys upgrade it?

Currently, we are only offering our services for AEGs. 

You may submit an upgrade inquiry here. Keep in mind that due to the high volume of these inquiries, we choose them based on a combination of in-stock part compatibility, urgency, and overall upgrade request.

Soon, we will have some upgrade service packages listed on our site and ready for check out with a streamlined process. So keep visiting our website or just subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date.

Can I get a stand alone, pre-upgraded gearbox from you guys?

We do not at this time. Here is why:

Our Airsoft gun upgrades are not limited to just the gearbox. There is a lot of careful consideration to the installation and modifications to components outside the gearbox that most Airsofters asking for a drop-in gearbox from us, might not be familiar with. Improper installation of a pre-upgraded gearbox from us, could lead to poor performance, malfunctions, or even considerable damage to the internals themselves. We are however, working on ways to offer a solution for that "plug and play" performance experience. Alternatively, we can upgrade your rifle at our shop (see above) or you can purchase one of our drop in, R-Hop Barrel Assemblies as an easy way to upgrade range and accuracy for any compatible standard TM Spec M4 type AEG.

Can I request an unlisted part for an Upgrade/Airsoft Gun/Barrel from you?


We only use parts that we have determined to fulfill the crucial part of our mission for offering strictly the best. The parts we utilize are backed by years of experience and testing so that our customers will always get the best and additionally, we have exclusive warranty support with most of our part sources that enables us to offer our customers incredible warranty and service coverage at little to no cost.


What is difference between the OCAW and the other Airsoft Guns you offer/work on?


The OCAW is built and designed from the ground up at our shop. Umbrella upgraded guns are enhanced at our shop. Both are able to outperform the competition in any Mission and covered by our extended warranty and lifetime service commitment.

Over the last 7 years we have studied arguable every AEG that is out there and use that knowledge today to design new components that allow us to push the limits of this sport. With our line of pre-upgraded Airsoft guns, we have started to make high end upgrades available for a larger audience. Meanwhile the OCAW resembles our attempt to build and offer the best Airsoft gun in the market using only the most durable and cutting edge components available. Even externally, we do not spare any expenses and use some real steel components to ensure that your high performance internals are matched externally, that can endure forward in even the most challenging environments. The OCAW is truly about offering our clients not only a high-performance Airsoft gun, but a truly unique and custom experience, designed by our team for absolute performance from the ground up.

How long will it take for my order to be completed?


Most items will ship out or be ready for pick up within 2 business days. We will update you with the tracking information or schedule a pick up appointment when your order has been fulfilled.

Currently however; due to the high levels of expert modification and quality control needed, all our R-Hop barrels and Custom built Rifles are currently made to order and have a lead time of approximately 2-4 weeks. The shipping option and the corresponding time frame you choose reflects the delivery time after your order has been sent out.
If there are other items in your order you would like us to fulfill while your rifle or barrel is underway, let us know so we can do a partial fulfillment.

If you do have an event you are planning on attending or really need your order expedited, reach out to us, so we can see if we are able to get your order out any sooner.

Please understand we are doing our best to cut down and completely remove any lead times in the future, but for the time being we have tons of orders we are working on daily and for us to offer the best products and services for our clients, we must ensure the most rigorous standards of perfection are being maintained.

Email us at if you have any questions.


I just got an Airsoft gun from you guys, are there any first steps?


Congrats and thank you!

When you receive the rifle, please ensure you have received all the correct items to your order so we can correct any mistakes if there are any. If your rifle is equipped with a computerized MOSFET, it will be pre-programmed for the best settings for your gun so changing any setting could create further issues. If you would like to change any settings, email

Before use, make sure to fully balance charge your batteries safely. You will also need to make sure that you are only loading high quality .28 Gram or heavier BBs in your magazines for all our rifles. We only suggest using PTS EPM Magazines with our M4 compatible Airsoft rifles, as they are the magazines we build our rifles to utilize most effectively (magazine recommendations for other types of rifles will be mentioned otherwise). Other non prescribed magazines and BBs can cause issues in regards to overall performance with your rifle. Once your included Batteries are safely charged and your correct magazines are filled with the right BB, you are ready to fire your Airsoft Gun.

First Steps. Make sure you are in a safe place, away from people when using an Airsoft gun and you are wearing eye protection. Plug in the battery to the rifle with the rifle set to SAFE and without touching the trigger and if you have a GATE Titan installed, you should hear three beeps before you are ready to start firing. Then firmly insert your magazine into the gun and once you move the selector switch from the SAFE position, your Airsoft gun will be able to shoot. When first shooting, you may notice that your shots may be inconsistently inaccurate and your motor grip is hot. Do not worry, there is a break in period of up to 5000 rounds. As you near closer to the end of the break in period, you will notice your shots will get more accurate as the R Hop sets in and excess lubricant exits the air nozzle, and your motor will not get as hot.

Sometimes your first 10-15 shots will also be very slow or not go far at all before firing properly. That is normal as the high quality magazines sometimes carry a lot of tension and that tension will tilt the air nozzle and cause misalignment. If your rifle is having that issue, simply wear in the magazines by leaving them filled with BBs for roughly a week or so until they are good to go. Otherwise if you are at a field attending a game or event, fill your magazines 3/4 of the way full.

For rifles equipped with our R-Hop assembly. the hop up wheel on most of our rifles rotates downward to apply more hop. If you think your rifle is not shooting far enough, try dialing the hop up wheel completely “On” then with .28 Gram BBs, you should see them being considerably “over hopped” and that means your Hop up is functioning correctly. For the best adjustment, max out the hop up wheel and simply reduce the amount of hop being applied little by little, test firing in between without any sights/optics until your BBs are barely overhopping.

I just got an R-Hop Barrel from you guys, what do I need to know?


For complete R-Hop Assembly Packages:

We send rubber O-Rings with all our barrel assemblies to replace spring spacers most Airsoft guns use. These O-Rings provide MUCH better support and add increased accuracy, air seal, and overall alignment. It varies on how many O-Rings are needed as it is different across different guns, but for reference: stock Krytacs and VFCs use 3 O-Rings while other brands may need more or less. To find out how many you need, make sure to remove any barrel assembly springs from your gun and try installing as many O-Rings as you can while also being able to put your receiver together. It should not have to require too much strength however what we are looking for is after the barrel is installed and gun is reassembled, you should not be able to have any play/movement with the hop up unit when trying to move it inside your magazine well. After successful installation, there is a break in period of roughly 5000 rounds so you may experience some inaccuracy issues.

For further instructions or support please visit:

For standalone R-Hop Barrels:

We highly suggest that with our R-Hop barrels, you should definitely use a flat hop bucking and M-Nub modified hop up unit. You can find support online for these items, or modifying your current bucking and hop up unit. We are unable to offer our flat hop buckings or M-Nub modified hop up units, or the modification service, a la carte at this time.


Can I please get a sponsorship?



Here is a helpful Airsoft industry tip: If you are asking for a sponsorship, you are most likely not going to get one.

Though if you notice that your local field is lacking Umbrella Armory patches, hit us up at and we will most likely send a care package your way.


You guys hiring?



We are looking for local techs but if you think we may be missing out on your talents, we will at least take a look. Shoot a resume over to