Update on Lead times August/19/2020

Update on Lead times August/19/2020

Update on Lead times August/19/2020

Orders are still delayed but thankfully we are closing the gap.

We are currently still a little bit behind schedule due to tons of growth we have been encountering over the summer and vendor delays/back-orders all slowing things down in our production. We have been doing the best we can to  proactively reach out to customers about delays and back orders but the reality is that I can't get to everyone and the rest of our team is working around the clock on getting things out as they come in.

From the bottom of our hearts, we truly appreciate the patience, support, and understanding our customers have been having since march of this year when this first began to develop. 

Anyways, onto the time frames.

So I will be updating the gun FAQ listings manually after posting this, but let us know if there is some outdated information anywhere on our site.

Starting off with Guns, expect at the latest 8 weeks to arrive. 

-In general, we are back ordered on ASG Boost 30k motors. No word from the supplier on ETA other than they are back ordered and maybe a month. If we do not have them in by the end of the month, we may use an alternative but comparable motor. Check the Trello board for any updates. https://trello.com/b/ZnKCQJMo/ua-builds-and-included

-Additionally G&G has been back ordered on SR15s, so we will not be making those available until we get them in stock. 

-PTS EPMs and EPM1s are still limited. PTS in particular is having some rather rough delays. If you placed a Rifle order that is supposed to come with EPMs we may have already refunded you or if you placed a recent order it will come with KWA M120 mags. We tested these ones and they offer similar performance, even with our highest speed. I will be updating the Trello board shortly after. https://trello.com/b/ZnKCQJMo/ua-builds-and-included

-Barrels. As usual, it takes a considerable amount of time for barrels to both get here and be R-Hopped. We have been taking measures to alleviate this (see below).

     Otherwise, we want to give you all a heads up that due to current circumstances with vendor back orders playing like whack a mole, do not expect your gun to arrive up to 8 weeks from purchase date as of writing this. Because despite specific part back orders are team is having to work overtime with shear manpower to fulfill our handcrafted guns.

Fortunately, barrels are going to be going out much sooner. We have been pushing out barrel orders within 1-2 weeks lately.

Length availability is adjusted right now to exclude lengths used in our most popular gun models as we are prioritizing them for availability sake. This may change as we are placing a bulk order to fully stock our barrel supply levels for a considerable amount of time. S/O to our R-Hop department for killing it.

     As for everything else now with parts and accessories, we have further improved the latency time for our inventory levels to accurately reflect our misc supply section (non made to order).

This means that you can expect these orders to be fulfilled within 2 business days. 

     We do not want to rush anything that comprises on the quality of the order you expect. We only give our customers the highest levels of attention and care. Our team understands that we supply Airsofters with premium guns and supplies that can be quite the investment; so we truly are doing everything we can to get orders fulfilled soon. As I had mentioned earlier, we are incredibly thankful for the amount of continued support and growth we have been experiencing. There is going to be some dramatic releases happening the later part of this year and next so keep your eye out for it.

If there is anything I can help with in terms of questions please reach out any time and I will be happy to help. 



  • I ordered the SR30 and it’s 31 days with no updates. What’s the estimated arrival?

    Sam on

  • If I order the Umbrella Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel with R-hop today when would you estimate it arriving ( I live in Texas )

    Nathan Elkins on

  • I purchased the SR30
    9 days ago.
    What’s the estimated arrival?

    Sam on

  • I’m looking for a status update with and estimated eta if possible Order #SH-4254

    Peter Poppen on

  • Hi. Do you ship to uk only won’t let me purchase the order

    Kyle Barnes on

  • Thank you for the update! It is much appreciated! (Order #SH-3332)

    Caleb Sokoll on

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