Summer 2020 Notice

Business update.

     Things seem to be easing back with some relative normality. Despite all the set backs initially spurred on by COVID-19, we have been working hard and through all the challenges as they appear. So here is an update for everyone while we work through the 2020 Summer season. 

Orders with complete Airsoft guns/Gearboxes:

Since these orders contain a wide variety of parts from multiple vendors, many of whom are back-ordered themselves, expect a delayed lead time of up to 8 weeks from date of purchase. 

Orders with R-Hop Barrels:

Right now these orders should be relatively unaffected from our regular 2-4 week lead time, but still expect a delayed lead time of up to 8 weeks in the worst case scenario as we have been receiving some word that the manufacturer of the raw Barrels we source may be closing down. However, when we receive complete confirmation on this we will let you know. 

Orders with misc accessories and supplies:

Expect a lead time of 7-10 business days as we still are working with reduced man power for shipping. 


     We understand that these extended lead times are way too long, however the Airsoft industry supply chain is still suffering from COVID-19 and this is what we are going to be having to work with currently. Our team is determined to offer our customers the highest levels of quality and support possible at this time and we can't thank you all enough for the love and patience you guys have been blessing us with.


Your boys at Umbrella Armory <3


Stay safe! 

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