EMG Guardian Mock Suppressors are modeled after fire-arm suppressors that are commonly seen on various military and law enforcement weapons. While externally this provides the user with aesthetic improvements to complete their rifle's look; functionally these units feature a built-in ACETECH Lighter S Ultra tracer unit. This tracer unit is USB rechargeable and lasts a solid day's worth of games. Highly recommended for indoor and night time use. This unit illuminates BBs up to 35RPS, suitable for our high speed rifles.


  • Compatible with common -14mm Airsoft outer barrel threads (G&Ps typically are +14mm)
  • Rechargable via USB
  • Sustained ROF up to 35 rounds per second
  • Rechargeable built in Lithium Polymer battery; fully charged battery will last over 22,000 rounds
  • Works with green and red tracer BBs
  • For Airsoft use only, will not fit real firearms


Totally legal to have. This is not a suppressor and not compatible with firearms lol


Diameter: 38mm (will only fit recessed/integrated in integrated suppressor specific hand-guards)

Threads: 14mm Negative (CCW)

Length: See Variant Title

Weight: ~6 oz

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