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50,000 Hours

Tested 50,000 hours of battery life. Extended use and reliability.

Solar Power

Solar power your optic for virtually endless lifetime of your reticle.

Real-steel Standards

Invest in an optic that can last a lifetime from a trusted brand in the industry.

The Best Optic Solution for Airsoft

Typically, optics used in Airsoft are cheap overseas clones of real firearm specific optics. This is due to the standards of a real steel optic being overkill for Airsoft purposes and a steep investment for Airsofters to make. Fortunately, Holosun has a line of products that not only have the durability and standards real firearm optics possess, but also at an exceptional value that makes it perfect for Airsoft customers as well.

The Official Optic of Umbrella Armory

If you are looking for an optic solution that can stay on target, has an incredible sight picture, and can last you a lifetime; Holosun is the best on the market.



When focusing on the target, the size of the reticle will change based on the distance between your eyes and objective lens
Parallax free optical design, with unlimited eye relief
Minimized obstruction of vision with push button controls and a streamlined housing design
32mm x 24mm open lens w/ switchable circle+dot and red dot reticles (10DL & 2 NV brightness settings)
Solar powered w/ battery backup (always on unless manually turned off)
Precision CNC machined from T6061-T6 aluminum w/ titanium-alloyed, shock resistant protective hood
Quick release mount (compatible w/ Picatinny & Weaver rails)
Weather / shock resistant real weapons optic
The HS510C Open Reflex Circle Dot Sight has an open frame for a wide sight picture. Always on, it is powered by solar cell under normal usage, and a back-up battery to supplement power requirements in low light conditions. The reticle can be switched between a 65 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot, or a 2 MOA dot only at the push of a button. Better yet, the same LED projects both reticles, so no re-zeroing is necessary.

Dimensions: 91mm x 65mm x 40mm
Weight: 264g
Magnification: 1X
Adjustment Per Click: 0.5 MOA
Battery: CR2032 (50,000 Hours for Dot Reticle / 20,000 Hours for Circle Reticle)
Package Includes: Optic, Battery, Adjustment Tools



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