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Utilizing Resin 3D Printed Technology. We can accurately produce any C-clip on demand.

Replacing C-clips is necessary after disassembling multiple times and as notches wear away. This can effect accuracy, airseal issues all the way to having your barrel leave your gun and fall to the ground!

Due to the insane accuracy of 4esin printing technology. We've made the tightest fit possible with a solid index with the center notch, and "snappy" grip of the barrel on install.

However, we also offer an OFFSET design. Due to not having a universal standard of how buckings are made... Some buckings simply have a thicker front area. Or barrel notches aren't always in the same position barrel to barrel. We've discovered barrels can have a discrepancy of their C-clip positions by up to 0.3mm! Stack this problem with some buckings being thicker. This causes problems as you'll need to over press your barrel into the hopup chamber to get the C-clip installed.

Too much pressure can lead to unique problems. Such as warped bucking lips, excessive bb loading friction, jams, low/inconsistent FPS.

Notable observations:

There seems to be about 3 variations within Prometheus Barrels. Old barrels seem to have their notch located at 22.4mm from the beginning of the barrel. Most Krytac barrels have been recorded at 22.6mm. With some rare outliers of barrels being in 22.8mm

Maple Leaf Buckings, have thicker front lips and technically push the barrel further away from the gearbox. The OFFSET Clip would allow proper alignment and use of Maple Leaf Buckings in hopups specifically picky with spacing. Prime example is Maxxpro hopup units.

Depending on GB build, it is possible to induce pressure spikes just from varying how "tight" a hopup bucking is pressed into the hopup chamber. Tighter the lips, higher the PSI spike. 330fps DSGs have shown 370FPS just by adjusting the feeding pressure. This concept is still in research. But it does seem possible to adjust FPS with just adjusting the C-clip notch position.