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From our team's experience we have tested and/or used virtually every aftermarket gearset out there. Our conclusion is that these gears are the absolute go to option if Siegeteks are out of budget or overkill for the project. Constructed from heat treated steel alloy, Rocket (otherwise SHS OEM) gears have the potential to last without failure if used and installed correctly. While we do our best to inspect each batch of Rocket/SHS gears we receive; often defects and failures are upfront if they occur and replacement gears are cost friendly (especially being purchased individually from us). Compared to gears that may or will fail at even over $50-$90 price points; we strongly recommend these gears if Siegeteks are out of the question.

Gear Type


Four types of Gears to choose from:
-Single Sector Gear (SSG)
-Dual Sector Gear (DSG)
-Spur Gear (also referred to as Step Gear)
-Bevel Gear

If just starting out teching, you are most likely going to need the full set which includes a Bevel Gear, Spur Gear, or Sector Gear (Single or Double).

Gear Ratio


The ratios listed are approximate and relate to the combined set of gears. The exceptions being:
-The bevel gear which works in 12:1,13:1,16:1, and 18:1 sets.
-The DSG will work optimally well in the 18:1 ratio which is why it is listed as such (however being a Dual Sector gear, it actually makes the gearset a 9:1 since it only needs to rotate half as much as a standard 18:1 SSG thus cutting the ratio of cycle down in half).

"Which ratio should I get?"

Sadly we can only offer so much insight as there are numerous factors involved with calculating the right gearset for your needs. With the amount of inquiries we receive each day, we are likely unable to offer specific advice on your build. That being said we strongly advise you to educate yourself with the various resources available online regarding AEG teching. Here are some key things to keep in mind:
-In a quick and dirty explanation: gear ratio in Airsoft is described as how many times the motor gear (Pinion gear) needs to rotate to spin the sector gear to complete a full cycle (or rotation). So a 18:1 ratio means the pinion gear will have to turn 18 times for the sector gear to complete a cycle/rotation (assuming it is a SSG).
-Generally, you want to pair high speed (high RPM) motors with higher ratio gears and low speed (often marketed as high torque) motors with low ratio gears. This of course is not considering the spring you are using, short stroking, battery, and so much more.
-If still clueless, please visit our Build Trello board where you can use our builds as reference for your project.


"Will this work in my X?"

These gears will work in most TM spec compatible V2/V3 Gearboxes. Some notable exceptions such as Krytac or G&G and others may not be compatible with the Spur gear. In which case check out our lathed 13:1 spur gear to install a 13:1 gearset. Please perform diligence before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

"I broke one of these gears and I purchased it from you."

Email us at your order number and a description of what broke as well as the build you installed your gear(s) into. We will assess if any return/exchange may be eligible however keep in mind as a general policy our store does not allow returns/refunds on used items. Exceptions may be made at our discretion.

"What bearings/bushings should I use?"

Depends on your needs as in some cases you may be able to get away with your current stock bearings/bushings. This is another case of do your own research as we do not know everything. But if you are installing these in a 8mm gearbox shell, check out our caged 8mm bearings we use in virtually every build we do.

* DSG Ratio listing is specified for compatible gear ratio combination, being 18:1 for proper meshing.


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