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game changing capacity and performance

The PTS EPM1 redefines what the term Mid-cap is by shattering the competition with a 250 round capacity and the capability to feed up to 65rps from our testing. Combined with PTS' comprehensive warranty and after market parts availible, these mags will last you a lifetime.


  • -Dupont Zytel® polymer shell
  • -250 BBs capacity
  • -Orange mag level indicator
  • -High efficiency compression spring
  • -Low friction internal shell
  • -Unique magazine mag well guide that reduce snagging
  • -EP dot pattern texture for better grip
  • -New polymer baseplate with angled surface and dot matrix
  • -New design follower prevents bbs jam

PTS Syndicate


For absolute peace of mind, PTS offers a 90 day warranty you can learn more about on their website. Though if you have any trouble with these magazines working in your gun, reach out to our team first for assistance.



Just like the original EPMs; the EPM1 fits in virtually all M4 AEGs (or anything that takes M4 AEG mags). Which is why we have always recommended them as the ideal mag for UA guns.

laser feed capable

Performance can only be recognized if your shots are fed properly. Not only do EPM1s work at incredible high rates of fire; they will last longer than the competition with minimal loss in tension over extended periods of time. However the main advantage being the capacity at 250 rounds; you decrease the amount of reloads needed, which increases the amount of time you can spend on target.

The most significant and innovative external feature of the EPM1 is the Fuel Gauge window. With the new unique orange mag level indicator, you can immediately know if the magazine is filled to capacity, its approximate remaining capacity, or if the magazine is empty. When the magazine is fully loaded, mag level indicator will show at the top of the window. As you fire the bb’s out of the EPM1, the orange indicator will travel down the window until it reaches the bottom of the window at which time the magazine is emptied.

"Will this work in my x?"

Most likely yes if it is an AEG or HPA system that uses TM spec M4 AEG magazines. These mags will also work in 416 style receivers as we commonly get asked that specifically. If still not sure, contact our customer support at to get further insight.


"Is there a break-in period?"

Nope! These mags should work great out of the box. For AEGs though, if you notice some midcap syndrome at first (first shots through a full mag are resulting in low FPS/range), try leaving the mags fully loaded for a week and see if that helps. If not; you may need to modify your tappet spring which in the long term will result in greater consistency and accuracy.

"Is there any special maintenance instructions?"

Best thing is to use high quality BBs (HPA, Elite Force, KWA/KSC to name a few). Avoid getting dirt/debris inside the magazine and if you do, make sure you clean it out before reuse. These mags are easy to disassemble so cleaning them should be a breeze. Additionally we advise you not to leave your mags loaded for extended periods of time (greater than a week).

If you notice any issues, please email us at as we can provide you with assistance.

Video credit PTS Syndicate testing EPM1 in UA Krytac CRB CQBR.

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