Retro ARMS V2 8mm Gearbox QSC Shell

Type: Part

Unparalleled strength. Unmatched lightness. This gearbox is the perfect ground stone for every high end custom build.



This gearbox has been optimized to support high performance builds by the use of various manufacturing techniques.

  • Edges on the gearbox have been beveled on the in- and outside to support more stress in high speed and high fps builds. 
  • Radiused cylinder edges ensure better distribution of pressure towards the gearbox shell.
  • A pre-milled window makes it easy to inspect the piston as well as the angle of engagement.
  • Additional ports enable the user to lube the gearbox without opening it. 
  • An opening provides access to delatch the Anti-Reversal-Latch before opening the gearbox.
  • The gearbox' wall thickness was reduced to ensure perfect fitment in a variety of different receivers. 
  • Pre-milled routings for motor wires make installation easier and ensure a perfectly organized workspace. 
  • 8mm Bushings/Bearings size