Warhead Industries CNC Brushless Motor Black

Type: Part
Shaft type
Low stock
Warhead Industries brushless DC motor for AEGs. Increased performance, reliability over standard brush AEG motors


  • Dimension (long type): 88x30x25 millimeter 
  • Dimension (short type): 69x30x25 millimeter 
  • Weight: 119 gram
  • D-type pinion gear
  • Standard: 30,000 revolution per minute with 11.1v battery
  • High speed: 36,000 revolution per minute with 11.1v battery
  • Ultra High speed: 52,000 revolution per minute with 11.1v battery
  • Internal ESC with over amp draw and low voltage cut off 
  • Less heat than standard brush motors


  • Aluminum 7075 casing 
  • Copper windings
  • Steel pinion gear


  • RPM listed is approximated average, performance may vary
  • Lipo/Li-Ion batteries only 
  • 14.8v batteries will not work
  • If using with ECU (GATE Titan, Perun, Jefftron, etc), do not use any rate of fire control
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