Type: Gun
Low stock

**4-6 Week Build Time**

Part Type
Gearbox Shell

Modified G2 8mm V2 Gearbox Shell

Gear Set

SHS 18:1


Warhead Brushless Motor


G2 Trigger Board w/ Perun ETU++

Bearing Set
Umbrella Armory 8mm Steel Ball Caged Bearings
ASG Steel Tempered Spring
Piston Head
Lonex POM Piston Head
Piston Body
Rocket Short Stroked, 15 Steel tooth heat treated, Piston

Stock G&G Black Trigger

Tappet Plate

G2 Tappet Plate

Tappet Spring

G&G (Modified) Tappet Spring


Polished Stainless Steel Full 1/1 Cylinder

Cylinder Head
Modify V2S303 Stainless Steel Cylinder Head
Air Nozzle

G2 Air Nozzle with Internal O-ring

Hop Up Chamber

Umbrella Modified M-Nubbed G&G Hopup Chamber

Flat Hopped Madbull Blue Bucking
Inner Barrel

R-Hopped Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel (469mm)

Motor Grip

PTS EPG-C (Black)


PTS EPS Stock (Black)


  • AEG Rifle with Flip-up Sights
  • (1) Matrix 11.1 V / 2000mAh /20C Deans (Crane Style) Battery
  • G&G 100rd Midcap Magazine

USA Based Technicians.

This AEG is manufactured by G&G and upgraded by hand here in the United States in Chino, California.


  • This AEG is sold with an orange tip and neon tape.
  • Use 0.28g BBs or heavier for best performance.
  • Break in period of ~5000 rounds.
  • 12 Month Warranty and Lifetime Service Agreement is included with this Airsoft Rifle.
  • Rifle is electronically semi locked, capable of being unlocked for full auto use. Experienced configuration and use advised*

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
This DMR Hits Hard

The all-metal construction from G and G is top-notch, solid and familiar. That’s a good thing, as quality construction and ease-of-use serve as ante to this particular poker game and the stakes, to continue the metaphor, only go up from here.
What really counts in an Umbrella Armory build is what’s going on under the hood. Not just the individual components chosen for the build, but how well those individual components combine to work together.
The MBR308 build combines to deliver every bit of the 500 FPS promised with a crisp trigger response and impressive accuracy. The custom bucking provides plenty of hop up to handle using 0.40g BBS to really reach out and touch someone. The options found on the Perun ETU give you total control over the trigger, and what happens when you squeeze. The UA Deep-Knowledge-Ninjas have gone ahead and rebuilt the internals, greased all the gears, shimmed the bearings, and reassembled everything to peak performance. Full marks given.
My only complaint is that the magazines are a bit sketchy, but a very simple modification can correct any feed issues found.
I am 4 out of 5 happy about this purchase.(which is pretty good in my book.)



Hi Dayton, thank you for leaving your feedback on the UA_MBR308. We're sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with it. Could you please provide us with more information on how we can improve this rifle? We value your opinion and would appreciate any feedback you have. Thank you!