Umbrella SR-25 Platinum DMR

Trigger Type

4-6 Weeks Build Time

Umbrella has a certain obsession with SR-25s. Many of our earliest personal guns involved SR-25s. Besides being unique in a sea of AR15 style platforms. SR25s by design offer a unique gearbox frame which allows for additional air volume. Not all SR25s in airsoft uses this unique feature however. So finding a company willing to take advantage of the longer cylinder while having great externals doesn't come up often.

We're happy to showcase our upgraded CYMA SR-25. Designed for DMR use, and will fit the DMR role for many fields requiring at least a ""7.62/308" platform to play using the higher FPS.

This gun is intended to use heavier weight BBs, we strongly suggest at least 0.40g for guns shooting 500FPS.

Product Features:

  • Barrel length: 509mm
  • Thread: n/a (QD Suppressor)
  • Handguard: Picantinny Rail
  • Battery: Can fit 11.1v 6000mah+ In the stock.
  • Lapped, R-hopped, Tight bore 6.03mm Steel Barrel
  • Brushless Warhead Motor
  • Programmable Perun Hybrid MOSFET
  • 1 year extendable warranty
  • FPS: 500 w/ 0.20g, ~400FPS w/ 0.32, 320fps w/ 0.45g
  • RPS: 14rps @ 500fps, 12rps @550fps.
  • Gearbox: 550fps Models will use CNC 6061 Shell and Siegeteks


  • Aluminum alloy receiver, handguard, outer barrel, buffer tube
  • Polymer motor grip, adjustable stock

Package Contents:

  • UA CYMA SR-25
  • 1 CYMA 308 HiCap Magazine
  • QD Suppressor


  • Must be 18 years of age to purchase
  • Airsoft gun includes orange tip (not pictured)
  • Please view build details for items included as items pictured may not be included
  • Unable to ship outside USA
  • Optic/PEQ Not Included