Type: Gun
Low stock
Long Reach, Ultra Light Weight

4-6 Week Build Time

The OCAW MK15 is the long range specialist, featuring a perfectly volumed barrel

 Class Velocity RPS Range
Carbine 400_FPS 32+ 225_FT (0.36g)
RECCE 450_FPS 26+ 285_FT (0.40g)
DMR 500_FPS 22+ 300_FT+(0.48g)


Product Details

  • Total Length: 30.1"
  • Unloaded Weight: 4.33 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 15"
  • Thread: -14mm
  • Handguard: Midwest Industries Combat M-Lok Handguard
  • Battery: JST Connector, 2-3 Cell 2000mAh
  • PTS EPS-C Stock
  • PTS Muzzle Device
  • RA 7075 CNC Gearbox
  • Warhead Brushless Motor
  • Adjustable MaxxModel Hair Trigger (Pre Set)
  • Lapped, R-hopped, UA 6.03 387.5mm Inner Barrel
  • Gate Titan II MOSFET w/ Bluetooth
  • 1 Year Extendable Warranty


  • Aluminum alloy receiver, handguard, outer barrel, buffer tube
  • Polymer motor grip, adjustable stock

Note: Free FPS fine tuning within 25 fps/0.2 joules if needed specific FPS/Joule with specific BB weight. Please add this request in the order notes at checkout. 


  • Must be 18 years of age to purchase
  • Airsoft gun includes orange tip (not pictured)