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UA_KRYTAC-V2 Gearbox

Build details
UA_KRYTAC-V2 GEARBOX build details

DMR specific: ***
CARBINE specific : **
CQBR specific : *


Air nozzle VFC M4 type air nozzle with o-ring
Anti-reversal latch Krytac Anti-reversal latch, spring
Bearing Umbrella Armory 8 millimeter steel caged bearing set
Cylinder Krytac brass cylinder
Cylinder head CNC double o-ring cylinder head
Electrical GATE Titan advanced V2 (rear-wired)
Gears 18:1 ratio, Rocket DSG* Krytac SSG short stroked 3** Krytac SSG full stroke*** spur gear, Rocket 10 tooth bevel gear
Gearbox shell Krytac Nautilus V2 gearbox shell
Piston Rocket polycarbonate,15 tooth steel rack, short stroked
Piston head Lonex polyoxymethylene piston head, washer AOE
Selector plate Krytac V2 type selector plate
Spring SP160*, M125**, M135*** spring
Tappet plate Guarder tappet plate
Tappet spring Krytac tappet spring
Trigger Maxx Model adjustable trigger, red type b



Misc GATE USB link, spring guide spacer, sticker, patch
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Krytac V2 Nautilus gearbox, rebuilt and upgraded for competitive performance by Umbrella Armory technicians. The same gearbox base found in UA_Krytac AEGs; allows for near drop-in upgradability for Krytac M4/V2 type Airsoft guns

18.1_DSG (7t)
30000_RPM 16_TPA ≤310mm_BRL ~300~370_FPS
18.1_SSG (-3) ≤40000_RPM 14_TPA ~280mm~416mm_BRL ~375~430_FPS

18.1_SSG (FULL) 30000_RPM 16_TPA ~387.5mm~457mm_BRL ~450~500_FPS

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  • Compatible with Krytac V2 AEG/AR type receiver, may be compatible with other
  • CQBR Gearbox ideal for Krytac SDP, PDW, PDW-M, CRB, CRB-M, LVOA-S, REC7 SBR, LMG base model
  • CARBINE Gearbox ideal for Krytac CRB, CRB-M, LMG, REC7 SBR/CARBINE, LVOA-S, LVOA-C, GPR-CC, TR47, SPR, SPR-M base model
  • DMR Gearbox ideal for Krytac LVOA-C, GPR-CC, TR47, SPR, SPR-M base model
  • Shimmed for use with ASG Boost and Action Army motor and KRISS Defiance motor grip
  • Includes spring guide spacer set for FPS/Joule tuning
  • Combine with UA_R-Hop barrel for complete Umbrella Armory performance with increased long range accuracy


  • Anti-corrosion coated Aluminum gearbox shell
  • High density, heat treated wire-cut steel alloy gearset
  • Japanese steel caged 8 millimeter bearing
  • Polymer piston head, air nozzle, selector & tappet plate
  • Glass fiber nylon piston body
  • Full steel piston gear rack
  • Heat-treated high density steel anti-reversal latch
  • Double o-ring cylinder head with reinforced padding
  • Steel ball bearing quick change spring guide
  • Polished brass cylinder
  • Electronic solid-state control unit PCB with military specification MIL-V-173C coating
  • 16 american wire gauge, low resistant wire, deans t-type connector 
  • Aluminum CNC 6061 trigger, titanium pivot pin


    • Compatibility and performance may vary, experienced technicians advised
    • Parts and configuration featured in photos are not 100% representative and may differ than actual product. Please view build details near the top of the page for updated parts and included accessories
    • Made to order for some variant options, up to 4 week lead time
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    Recommended BB Weights

    We prefer these weights for these muzzle velocities. For two main reasons. Best performance, and reliability. These BB weights will give the optimal range, and feed reliably. Going heavier than what is recommended may cause issues or PME if the magazine is not modified.

    450-500FPS = 0.36g-0.40g
    400-450FPS = 0.28g-0.36g
    330-350FPS = 0.23g-0.25g