Type: Gun
Low stock

4-6 Week Build Time

Upgraded OCAW MK11 AEG, equipped with individually tested parts and modifications suited for high performance competitive use. 

DSG DISCLAIMER: Please only use with standard "PTS EPM" magazines with installed UA PTS EPM Spacer/Maple Airsoft Supply Spring Kit. Additionally with Mk11's specifically please keep the full-auto to short sub second bursts. When shooting at 400FPS 45RPS PME may be caused due to extensive bursts combined with magazine unable to feed at such speeds. Once one small feeding error occurs this may lead to a daisy chain of small errors within the gearbox that eventually turn into a catastrophic failure. 


Mk11 400_FPS (.2g) 33_RPS (12.6v) 33_MS (12.6v) 225_FT (.32g)
Mk11D 400_FPS (.2g) 45_RPS (12.6v) 25_MS (12.6v) 200_FT (.32g)

PRODUCT Highlights

  • Total length: 27"
  • Unloaded weight: 4.54 lbs
  • Barrel length: 11.5" 
  • Thread: -14 millimeter 
  • Handguard: Midwest Industries Combat M-lok Handguard
  • Battery: Crane Type 3 Cell, 11.1v 2000mAh Included
  • PTS EPS Crane Stock
  • PTS Muzzle Device
  • Adjustable Maxx Hair Trigger (Pre Set)
  • Lapped, R-hopped, UA 6.03 310mm inner barrel
  • OCAW SSG Gearbox
  • Brushless Warhead Motor
  • Programmable GATE MOSFET
  • 1 year extendable warranty
Internals Breakdown:
Retro Arms V2 QSC CNC Shell
Gate Titan V2 MKII* (2024Q1)
Warhead Base Brushless Motor** (SSG=45K, DSG=35K)
UA 8mm Bearings
3/4 Stainless Steel Cylinder
Cylinder Head
CNC Double O-ring Cylinder Head
Air Nozzle
VFC POM Air Nozzle Modded
Full Steel Toothed Piston w/ AoE Correction


Note: Free FPS fine tuning within 25 fps/0.2 joules if needed specific FPS/Joule with specific BB weight. Please add this request in the order notes at checkout. 


  • Must be 18 years of age to purchase
  • Airsoft gun includes orange tip (not pictured)
  • Please view build details for items included as items pictured may not be included
  • Unable to ship outside USA
  • Optic/PEQ Not Included