UA_OCAW-V2 Gearbox

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OCAW spec V2 gearbox, built from the ground up for competitive performance by Umbrella Armory technicians. Featuring the highest tier parts and assembly for flagship performance
~2 Week Build time from date ordered.
18:1_DSG 30000_RPM , 16TP ≤310mm_BRL ~300-370_FPS
18:1_SSG (SS) ≤40000_RPM, 14TPA  ~280mm~416mm_BRL ~375-430_FPS
18:1_SSG (FULL) 30000_RPM, 16TPA ~387.5mm~457mm_BRL ~450-500_FPS

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  • Compatible with most V2 AEG/AR type receiver, may be compatible with other
  • Shimmed for use with ASG Boost, Warhead Industries, and Action Army motor and PTS EPG-C motor grips
  • Includes spring guide spacer set for FPS/Joule tuning
  • Combine with UA_R-Hop barrel for complete Umbrella Armory performance with increased long range accuracy


  • CNC 7075 Aluminum gearbox shell
  • Japanese steel caged 8 millimeter bearing
  • Polymer piston head, air nozzle, selector & tappet plate
  • Dupont super nylon piston body
  • Full steel piston gear rack
  • Heat-treated high density steel anti-reversal latch
  • Double o-ring cylinder head with reinforced padding
  • Steel ball bearing quick change spring guide
  • Polished brass cylinder
  • Electronic solid-state control unit PCB with military specification MIL-V-173C coating
  • 16 American wire gauge, low resistant wire, deans t-type connector 
  • Aluminum CNC 6061 trigger, titanium pivot pin


    • Compatibility and performance may vary, experienced technicians advised
    • Parts and configuration featured in photos are not 100% representative and may differ than actual product. Please view build details near the top of the page for updated parts and included accessories
    • Made to order for some variant options, up to 4 week lead time
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