DSG x Gate Titan double firing resolved

DSG x Gate Titan double firing resolved

DSG x Gate Titan double firing resolved

Sometimes we would have issues with DSGs running into double fires on semi-auto, and possibly half-cycles. I would never have these issues with Spectres and their physical switch design.

Normally, some Titans just need to be updated (so all previous history/settings are wiped from the titan) and have it 're-learn' the timing again when set to 'DSG' mode. This issue would happen regardless of the AB settings. Nither Auto-AB, nor any other % setting would work. Even though if the AB is set to 100%, it would sometimes double fire. It happens with SHS DSGs as well Siegetek DSGs (so far, latest gen, silver-looking version with 2 threaded holes), Have not tested with black-older gen SGTK DSGs.

I assume the sensor is simply misreading the gear. In most cases, cleaning, and even using less lube would not fix the problem. I've also had cases where the 'tilt' of the titan can affect the sensor and we've therefor instated UV-Based glue to anchor the chip down which would fix 50% of the occurrences.

So far nothing 100% definitive on fixing the issue. Swapping Titans can sometimes get rid of it, only for it to happen again maybe down the road later.

So far I believe the following can contribute to why Titans double fire on semi (DSGs)

- Grease on sensors
- Tilt of the Titan
- Vibration (Titan was not torqued down properly)
- Dirt on the gear
- Incorrect AB setting, or changes in battery voltage, or motor heat can throw off the timing of the AB since gun will change its RPS
- Odd reflections inside the GB
- Titan not on 2.1v Firmware
- Wasn't on DSG mode
- Upper Board Spacing (Likely Primary Issue)

Fixes for 2.1v Software Titan with Retro Arms Gearbox
- Board is installed to GATE's specifications, and lower board UV Glued down.
1 in 5 Shots, would double fire, and occasionally back to back shots did double-fires/triple fires on semi auto.
- Upper Board was UV Glued, to push the LED Emitting Arm closer to the topside of the Sector. This reduced the double fires down to about 1 in 15. Significant improvement!
- Added more UV Glue to space the arm even closer to the sector. About 200+ semi shots later, all successful semi-auto shots. Including swapping from FA, and back to Semi!

NOTE: Not all Titans are built the same. The one I specifically installed, had the upper titan board, almost bent upwards. So that the upper LED section of the board, would be touching the upper gearbox shell. Almost a 10 degree cant, versus perpendicular to the Sector/lower board LED receiver. My Other Titan installs in RA GBs, displayed variable pitches of the upper board, some would be perfectly perpendicular, some would have a slight cant upwards. Seems imperative that technicians add this on their checklist when installing a Titan.

Gate Titan could add another PCB section to the upper board, to help space the LED closer to the sector, and help stabilize the board from vibrations. Though I understand that the massive amount of different specifications of GBs out there, doesn't mean it would work on all GBs.

Let us know!

Curious on anyone elses' experiences with Titans and DSGs. What did you to to solve it, or are you still dealing with these issues? If you are still dealing with it, try the above things to solve it, and let us know what worked for you. Also curious if anyone was able to fix the issue, only for it to come back later on? What did you end up doing? Thank you in advance for your input!