G&G Trigger S.H.U.E. Adapter Instruction

G&G Trigger S.H.U.E. Adapter Instruction

G&G Trigger S.H.U.E. Adapter Instruction

Our G&G Trigger S.H.U.E. adapts and modifies the stock G&G Trigger to have a total 1.6mm pull (1.3mm "slack", +0.3mm "break," and 0.30mm "reset"), and allows for the safety bar to still function as intended. This also adds a level of protection that will prevent overtravel and thus damage the G&G ETU button switch, common issues on hair trigger mods.

There are variances between G&G trigger's molds, so far we've seen G&G trigger stamped with "1" and "2". Both work with our adapter.

However, the painted triggers (other than black) directly from G&G are inconsistent, varying as much as 0.2mm on its edges, This is due to the fact G&G takes their already painted black triggers, and paints them another layer for a different color. This added thickness has been compensated in our adapter and should work in all variants, though might be a little more snug on any color but black.

You will just need a bottle of superglue (thin or thick/doesn't matter) and a Phillips 1 screw driver to remove the screws securing the stock L spring on the trigger.

Depending on how it was painted, there might be a paint 'bur' near the top as shown here. Though its not 100% required, its highly recommended to xacto blade this area off, sand it, or dremel it out so that the adapter can sit as flat as possible onto it. Failure to have the adapter sitting flat may cause tightness against the ETU.

Apply glue to the adapter itself on all of the inner edges shown here. Use sparingly.

Then pressfit it onto the trigger itself and ensure this area is flat. Wipe excess glue if needed.
Sometimes G&G will shave this area on their painted triggers, and thus a small 0.1-0.2mm gap will appear on the trigger bar side. We recommend simply filling this area with glue if its there.

However its important, this side is as flat as possible against the trigger, otherwise binding might occur against the ETU.

Theres an open squarish hole on the adapter to allow for clearance of the ETU's model #, try not to get too much glue in this area so that it can clear the ETU's embossed area.


S.H.U.E. (Short Hair-trigger Unit Enhancement)