Pregame 6pm-10pm
To kick off the party join us for a chill Pregame on Battle Lab’s new patio located on the east wing facing South Fern Ave. 
During the Pregame we ask you to leave your gear in the car as our games won't start until 10:00PM.
We will have a small gearcheck station at the patio during the Pregame for a limited number of guests, primarily for those who rideshared in. 
During the Pregame we will have:
-Our merch booth 
featuring exclusive and brand new goods
And other fun little non airsoft related activities to get us primed in that Chairsoft mindset. 
The Pregame patio will close off entirely by 10pm, and the check in entrance will close off and move to the main event area by 9pm.

Chairsoft Nite 10pm-2am
A little before 10pm, The party should be moved on over to the other side of Battle Lab where the rest of the event will take place at.
If arriving after 9, meet us in the west parking lot facing South Palm Ave. 
We will have our Chairsoft Lot open by then and begin transitioning over. 
Guests wanting to get started with playing by 10pm should begin collecting their gear and heading over to the Chairsoft Lot at 9pm.

We will extend the staging area outside into the Chairsoft Lot where we will be hanging out and staging in between the continuous game you may hop in and out of at your own pace.
We will have music, raffles, refreshments/food, our merch booth, and more.

During the Chairsoft Nite portion if you are 21 and over; the bar will be open for getting your sip on with us. For your convenience, we will be running a complementary gear check in the bar if you want us to hold onto your gear/guns while inside.
Keep in mind, during the Chairsoft Nite portion of the event, the bar will be the only location guests may be able to drink alcoholic beverages at.

Big reminder this event is for guests +18, so expect to be carded at the entrance with valid identification. 

Parking for the event will be side streets only. 
We will provide a complementary gear check in the bar during the main Chairsoft Nite portion of the event for guests.
We want to keep the gear away from where drinks are being served.

For guests that purchased multiple tickets for friends, we ask you to check in together at the entrance. Otherwise you may transfer tickets by logging in/activating your account and updating your ticket information under your order history here

Guests that only have the base cover fee ticket and want to add on the gameplay pass for our event game may do so at our merch booth for $20.

Entrance/exit during the Pregame portion will be on the east side of the building facing South Fern Ave. (6pm-9pm)

Entrance/exit during the main Chairsoft Nite portion will be in the west side parking lot facing South Palm Ave. (9pm-2am)

Special Guests: Airsoftfatty, Randomguy Kev, USAirsoft, Undeadfred
Sounds courtesy: LADSOUND, EXHUME, H0L3
Visuals courtesy: bohta

Battle lab general safety rules are in effect.
bring gloves! 
Please make sure when transporting your Airsoft guns from your car to the event, you have it in a gun bag, case, or box. 
During the entire event, there will be food and refreshments available for purchase. No outside food please.
Vaping will be allowed in the outside areas of the event. Smoking is not permitted on the premises.
During the main Chairsoft Nite portion of the event, only guests +21 will be allowed inside the bar.
Absolutely no outside alcoholic drinks on the premises.
We will have a continuous game ongoing throughout the evening from 10pm-1:30am
Full game rules and format will be explained during the event.
Upon entering the field players will be assigned a team via a provided LED arm band. You will then be dropped into the ongoing game with your group where you will try eliminating the opposing teams and converting them to your side by changing their arm band color to your team. Players will also be on the hunt for intel in the form of black envelopes that can be redeemed for raffle tickets. When players are done playing, they will turn their arm band color to red and follow the arrows on the ground towards the separate extract point where they will return the provided LED arm bands and gun class bands before exiting.
Turning your armband color to Red will indicate that you are exiting the game and heading to the extract point. 
Hits and respawns
After being hit, yell “HIT!” then turn your armband light off and take a knee. Then, start counting to 45 seconds. 
During the countdown, alive players can turn your armband to their team color, bringing you back into the game under their team. 
If you are not revived within 45 seconds, turn your armband color to purple which will respawn you back into the game as that team.
Bang Bang & MED: There will be no bang bang kills throughout the game and almost all players have no minimum engagement distances. We expect everyone to use common sense and courtesy while playing. 
All players are going to be chronoed each time they enter the field before being assigned a class via a reflective band we provide.
-Blue band: Guns shooting under 300FPS with .2 gram. Burst fire allowed. 
Will need to be programmed to burst via ECU if shooting over 30 RPS
-White band: Guns shooting between 300FPS and 350FPS with .2 gram. Semi only.
-Orange band: Guns shooting between 350FPS and 400FPS with .2 gram. Semi only. 10ft MED.
-Yellow band: All HPA guns; shooting under 1.14 joules with .3 gram BBs. Semi only, tournament lock regulator required.
Waiver registration will be able to be completed at the event. Bring your Battlelab key tag if you have one (we will provide one if not)