First and foremost we are a team.

Umbrella United


As the founder of Umbrella Armory he is the engineer who developed the technology which is run by every player on the team. With his agile and calculated style he takes the lead on the field.

Umbrella United


Leading the team in every situation, Phil has co-found the company with Jordan, starting with the Airsoft Team "Puppet and Friends" in the early 2000s.

Umbrella United


Originally met the team to get his gun upgraded, and stayed to help build a full service Airsoft company.

Umbrella United


Our good friend and senior technician at Umbrella Armory. Chief engineer of R-Hop research and development. Nearly every R-Hop barrel we have sold has been inspected by him.

Umbrella United


Production Management, Quality Control, and fulfillment. Derek ensures orders are being made and sent out with our high standards of perfection. He can also Fortnite dance really well.

Umbrella United


Starting as a customer, who first became a friend and later an integral part of our company, Dade coordinates product development, marketing, and is the first point of contact for our customers.

Umbrella United


Will combines his talents in artistic creativity and engineering perfection to deliver fresh products and media content. Lives in the moment.

Umbrella United


When we are pushing boundaries of the performance in the shop, our good friend Zach makes sure things are truly field ready.

Resident Player

Undead Fred

The spookiest Airsofter around, brings a unique style to the scene.

Resident Player

Wag Entertainment

Known for his fun and genuine gameplay, Wag has become a close friend of our team and we are glad to support him in any way we can.

Resident Team


Founded in 2014(ish), Coolifornia is one of the original SoCal teams known for both playing aggressively and having fun. Check them out, they're really nice dudes.




Resident Player

Airsoft Alfonse

Every squad needs someone like Alfonse to ensure that morale is high and to literally carry the team when needed. We equipped him with our Krytac LMG, taking the support role on our team.

Resident Player

Jet DesertFox

Our long-time friend and supporter from day one. He works on moving the game forwards with unique events and technologies to improve the playing experience.

Resident Player

House Gamers

Your friendly player from Canada who picks heads off at range with our DMR or his custom build sniper rifles.

Resident Player

The Tactical Rose

Stephanie, AKA; The Tactical Rose, continues to support and spread the values of Umbrella Armory to the smaller but growing number of Airsoft Slaydies on the field.