How do I get my rifle upgraded by Umbrella Armory?
Please visit our full list of currently supported manufacturers and choose the Mission Packages for your rifle. Once you have customized your order and checked out via our website, please follow the following steps:

  1. Print a copy of your invoice.
  2. Carefully package your AEG for shipping, and be sure to include those printouts inside the package. Do not include magazines, batteries, etc unless otherwise instructed. To avoid damage or delay, we recommend packaging and shipping your rifle well padded, including the orange blaze tip required by federal law and the neon markings required by California law.
  3. Ship the package to:
    Umbrella Armory LLC
    3857 Schaefer Ave, Ste. H
    91710 Chino, CA
  4. Send the tracking information (name of carrier and ID) to our customer support team to ensure that your order can be processed as quickly as possible.

International Clients

International Clients is responsible for all additional import fees and taxes. Complementary shipping will not be able to be provided for any International purchases or RMAs under any circumstances. Additionally, any returns involving International Orders will not be refunded any shipping charges paid by the customer.

Shipping Regions

Our shipping regions are currently limited due to varying regulations world wide. We are doing our very best to offer world wide service in the near future and want to let everyone know that we are aware that you are waiting direly to get one of our rifles. We should be able to extend our shipping options to the U.K. very soon and thereby also ensure better coverage for all of Europe.

Our products are currently available in:

United States

Canada (excluding batteries, Umbrella Mission Package upgrades, all upgrade services, and all rifle)

EU (excluding batteries, Umbrella Mission Package upgrades, all upgrade servicesand all rifles)

Can't find your country in this list?

We are eager to ensure that is always well stocked with our newest models. Evike already offers great international shipping conditions to many countries, include most of Europe. Be sure to stay tuned to all new arrivals on to be sure to not miss out on anything.

International Warranty

Our Warranty Agreement holds equally for all clients around the world as we are eager to expand our network to ensure better coverage in the future. Please mind that Umbrella Armory can not cover shipping charges for international customers.