UA_GPR-CC build details

CARBINE specific : *
DMR specific : **


Air nozzle POM M4 type air nozzle with o-ring
Anti-reversal latch Krytac anti-reversal latch, spring
Barrel 416 millimeter Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel with R-Hop patch***
Bearing Umbrella Armory 8 millimeter steel caged bearing set
Bucking Silicone blue soft 60 degree bucking, flat hop modified
Cylinder Krytac brass cylinder
Cylinder head CNC Aluminum double o-ring cylinder head
Electrical GATE Titan advanced V2 (rear-wired), pre-programmed, Gate Titan MKII *** (4/18/23)
Gears 18:1 ratio, Krytac SSG short stroked* spur gear, Rocket 10 tooth bevel gear
Gearbox shell Krytac Nautilus V2 gearbox shell
Hop-up UA x Maxx Model, Pro, hop-up chamber
Motor Warhead Brushless Motor
Piston Rocket polycarbonate,15 tooth steel rack, short stroked
Piston head Lonex polyoxymethylene piston head, washer AOE
Spring M125*, M135** spring
Tappet plate Guarder tappet plate
Tappet spring Krytac tappet spring
Trigger Maxx Model adjustable trigger, red type b, pre-tuned



Battery Matrix 11.1 volt 2000 mah 20c lithium polymer battery, butterfly type
Magazine PTS EPM Midcap Magazine
Sights KRISS flip up sights
Misc GATE USB link, rail adapter, unjamming rod, patch