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UA_MBR308 build details



Air nozzle G2 air nozzle with o-ring
Anti-reversal latch G&G anti-reversal latch, spring
Barrel 460 millimeter Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel with R-Hop patch
Bearing Umbrella Armory 8 millimeter steel caged bearing set
Bucking G&G green, flat hop modified
Cylinder Stainless steel 1/1 full cylinder
Cylinder head CNC double o-ring cylinder head
Electrical Perun ETU++ (rear-wired), G&G ETU trigger board 
Gears 18:1 SHS; SSG, 10 tooth bevel
Gearbox shell G2H V2 style gearbox shell
Hop-up G&G rotary style unit with UA flat arm
Motor 25000 revolutions per minute, G&G Ifrit motor
Piston SHS FMR piston
Piston head Lonex polyoxymethylene piston head
Spring ASG steel spring M135 
Tappet plate G&G tappet plate
Tappet spring G&G tappet spring
Trigger G&G ETU red flattrigger



Battery Matrix 11.1 volt 2000 mah 20c lithium polymer battery, butterfly type
Magazine G&G G2 MBR308 40 round mid-capacity magazine
Sights Flip up sights
Misc PTS EPS stock, Perun programming card manual, unjamming rod, patch

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