EMG Atlas Flat Hopped 60° Bucking (Set of 2)

Type: Part
Low stock

Based off the Madbull Blue Bucking design, material and shape.

These EMG Buckings are pre-flat hopped allowing use of Flat Hop Nubs / R-hop Use without flipping anymore buckings inside out!

Key Features
  • Flat Hopped
  • Proven reliability and wide compatibility.
  • 2x Buckings, 2x Cylinder Rubber Spacers

Customer Reviews

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Josiah Ogram
Good deal.

The price is right.

Jason Sanchez
Back up buckings

Bought a pair and tips were kinda oval and wouldn't let my bbs pass through


Many times installing a bucking benefits from having the hopup wheel and or the hopup arm removed prior to inserting the barrel and bucking into the hopup.

As the lip of the bucking often gets pinched due to the nub itself. We've seen it many times and will cause the bucking to appear oval when inside the hopup. With a distincted sharpened 'oval' point at the top of the bucking.

Also a little grease on both the bucking and inner wall of the hopup helps to reduce friction when inserting it. We find it necessary to do so when installing on Prowins and Maxxpros.

Try giving that a try on your setup and see if it appears more circular as a result.


Worck great