Angel Custom IBS Inner Barrel Stabilizer / 1.5" Airsoft AEG GBB Barrel Extension (14mm-)

Type: Part
Low stock
The Angel IBS device is dedicated to stabilizing your inner barrel for enhanced grouping, accuracy and range with an integrated inner o-ring. With a second point of rubber contact, the inner barrel will no longer "free-float", with vibration reduced to a minimum. The IBS also acts as a barrel extension for slightly longer inner barrels.


  • Integrated o-ring stabilize the inner barrel minimizes vibration, improve accuracy and consistency
  • Improved grouping
  • High quality CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Matte black anodized finish
  • Ideal for extending your outer barrel, to cover an exposed inner barrel, or to bring your barrel threads past your rails
  • Made out of heavy duty aluminum for solid construction with reduced weight
Process: CNC Machined
Color: Matt Black
Material: Heavy Duty Aluminum

Manufacturer: Angel Custom