Umbrella Maxxpro Hop-Up & 6.03mm R-Hop Inner Barrel Combo

Type: Part
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Perfected and heavenly matched.

Be aware, shots will be erratic/inaccurate for the first 5,000 rounds put through, it takes a little time for the patch to break in and conform to the shape of a BB. Once you play a couple of games you should be shooting extremely accurate! 

The best Hop-Up Drop-In kit airsoft can offer, make sure that Maxx Hop-Up's fit into your build well as some platforms actually aren't those most compatible with Maxx even with a TM Spec M4. 

Our handmade R-Hop has been an integral modification we perform for all our builds as users can experience 30% increased effective range over non R-Hopped barrels.

Purchase in a complete drop in assembly configuration for a true plug and play upgrade process if your build uses a Tokyo Marui spec M4 style hop up unit.

  • CNC Aluminum
  • BB Retention lever
  • Transparent window
  • Hopup Tracer Optional (not included)
  • Optional lapping
  • Hand fitted R-hop patch
  • 10pk O-ring
  • EMG Atlas 60* Flat Hop Bucking

** Installation Tips/Notes:
1) Upon install, ensure that the hopup cannot bounce forwards or backwards when the upper and lower are assembled. Add or remove O-rings included as necessary.
2) Ensure that the air nozzle bore is as close to center to the hopup chamber/barrel when inspected. Look down your barrel with a flashlight to observe the air nozzle's alignment. If off center, shims are likely needed to space the gearbox to be centered for maximum efficiency.
3) We at Umbrella use VFC 21.1mm-21.2mm air nozzles. Some other length nozzles may work, and or may require modifications to the tappet spring for flawless feeding. Using too long of an air nozzle, may result in poor feeding, while too short results in low FPS.

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