M's UA_HK416A5

Type: Gun
Low stock

Hey Guys we're selling this modified VFC HK416. This build wasn't done for speed, it was built for strictly semi use, so the full auto is a bit slow due to the motor speed. However the accuracy for mid range engagements is great and it still performs great with both fire modes! Very slight wear and tear from one day of play.

Ready to ship, however will reopening once purchased to do final maintenance and tuning. 

Please read the notes at the end of this description. 




400 (+ or - 5) FPS w/ 11.1v 

17 RPS w/ 11.1v 


External Additional Parts: 

MFT Bus Stock

Outer Barrel Swapped to 9.5" 

EMG Suppressor / Tracer Unit 

Mock Gas Block Removed



UA Maxx Hop-Up & Barrel Combo (363mm)

Stock VFC Shell

18:1's Gearset SS3

Angel Customs "KRATOS" Piston

Perun Hybrid V2 & Perun 2 Stage Trigger Clicker

Maxx Advanced Trigger (Silver) 

Maxx Full 3/4 Cylinder

Lonex Cylinder Head

Lonex Pom Piston Head

Modified Tappet Plate

Modified ASG M125 


Warhead Brushless 27K


Since the inner barrel is longer than the outer barrel, the EMG Suppressor Unit covers it but it does protrude past the barrel, so you have to run a longer suppressor in order to hide the inner barrel. The tracer unit does function as intended, however the tracer unit was flipped inside the suppressor housing. So instead of it being towards the back of the housing, it's actually at the front, this is due to the longer inner barrel sticking past the tracer sensor, so we had to flip the position in order to have the tracer unit be functional.

Additionally inside the tracer unit, some edges were wrapped in tape to help keep everything in place better and stop a rattling sound when there is slight movement, so removal of the tracer to charge and turn on may a little effort. 

Lastly this stock was made for our brick batteries that we offer, specifically the 11.1V 1300mAh 45C. So please only us these, you'll find one lasts you the whole day normally but bring 2 just incase if you are doing longer operations. 

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