Perun Clicker for V2 Hybrid MOSFET


Bringing Real Steel Trigger Breaks into AEGs

The Perun Clicker is a phenomenal little mod for people using the Perun Hybrid. With sensor based trigger detection units on the rise, The Perun's Hybrid MOSFET trigger pull has no physical feedback besides the trigger spring's tension. Sure, with adjustable triggers you can effectively reduce things like trigger "Take up", and "Over Travel" but the activation location has no feedback at all. This is true with many other mosfets and not just limited to the Perun Hybrid.

By cleverly designing a mechanical system using magnets and nifty geometry. Perun was able to simulate all aspects of a good firearm trigger. Changing an AEG's smooth trigger pull with distinct steps!

You can now go through the motions of a real AR-15 trigger with Take Up, Wall, Crisp Break, Slightly Overtravel, Strong Reset.

With set screws inside the clicker, you're also able to adjust it as well, including reducing the break force.

This only works for the Perun Hybrid V2

Perun Clicker Manual Here