Perun V3 Hybrid

Type: Part

The Perun V3 Hybrid modernizes airsoft replicas and gel blasters, replacing mechanical contacts with robust optical and magnetic sensors. Its features, such as adjustable trigger sensitivity and independently programmed firing modes, work seamlessly with most V3 Tokyo Marui standard gearboxes without requiring modifications.

Key Features 

  1. Adjustable 5-Level Trigger
  2. Programmable Selector (safe, semi, burst, auto),
  3. Adjustable Active Brake to prevent spring compression or overspin,
  4. Adjustable Precocking for immediate shots,
  5. 2-stage trigger for variable fire modes binary trigger for double shots in semi-automatic,
  6. Rate of fire reduction for ammo conservation/Field Limits
  7. DMR mode for compliance with field rules,
  8. Low battery voltage alarm
  9. DSG mode for dual sector gears,
  10. Intuitive LED diagnostic system for troubleshooting, and electronic fuse for protection against malfunctions.

Settings can be quickly programmed using selector switching and trigger pulls, with sound and LED indications. It operates with any battery from 7V to 17V and is suitable for most extreme setups. Refer to the manual for details and exceptions.

Detailed Manual found here.