UA_CYMA V2 Gearbox

Type: Part
Trigger Style
Low stock

We're often told that we need to start offering more budget friendly options to our builds. Our CYMA line was our first step in that direction, our next step is to offer our CYMA Drop-In Gearbox! We basically took our CYMA gearbox out of our CYMA's are now offering it as a budget friendly Drop-In CYMA Gearbox that still keeps that Umbrella Quality! We're offering a variety of options with this to fit a wide variety of needs clients may have. For our build options of CQBR and Carbine, they are tested with a 300MM Inner Barrel. That is for reference for people who want to do the math in regards to FPS. 

300mm_BRL ~350_FPS
18:1_SSG (SS)
300mm_BRL ~400_FPS

Trigger Options: Standard, Maxx Advanced Speed Trigger

ETU Options: Perun V2 Hybrid, Gate Titan II

Our "Realistic" 2 Stage Trigger utilizes Perun's Clicker, only available with the Perun V2 Hybrid Option.

  • Perun Hybrid V2 MOSFET
  • UA 8mm Caged Bearings 
  • SHS 18:1 Gearset (Short Stroke 3, Retuned Sector Timing)
  • CNC POM Air Nozzle w/ O-ring
  • Modified Tappet Plate
  • 3/4 Cylinder
  • Lonex POM Piston Head
  • Full Steel Tooth Piston (AOE Corrected)
  • QSC CYMA Gearbox
  • ASG M Series Spring
  • Re-Shimmed

400 FPS with a at least a 300MM inner barrel.