UA Double Bearing Motor Tower (Long)


Stemming from seeing flaws with some motor towers out in the market.

We decided to bring these, relatively underappreciated product into the market.

Having destroyed dozens of motor towers, from destroyed bearings thats much too small to deal with properly supporting the motor shaft. Or sized dimensionally incorrect causing wobble issues and simply more noisy meshing of the pinion to the bevel. Its quite hard to shim something, if your motor pinion is allowed to pivot and move...

These motor towers feature double bearings, one on both ends. Allowing strong support of the motor shaft, and thus significantly less wobble during load. These bearings are much stronger due to their larger size and much more forgiving when something goes wrong.


  • Aluminum Construction
  • Double Bearings sized, 1/8" x 5/16" x 9/64" Shielded
  • Larger center diameter at 9.5mm vs 9.00mm
  • Compatible with any Long Type Motor (DC or Brushless)

Warhead motor used as reference, and isn't included!*