Umbrella Armory Enhanced Air Nozzle with integrated O-Ring (21.2/5.45mm)

Type: Part
The Umbrella Armory Air Nozzle


Composed of a multidude of features. This air nozzle's unique external shape and internal dimensions are intended to boost the performance of an airsoft AEG while tackling some of tech's common headaches when it comes to fps consistency.

Created from an engineering resin with the highest possible impact, and wear resistance. These nozzles can handle a wide range of builds.

Designed to limit FPS spread, by pushing the BB as deep into the barrel as possible while maintaining reliable feeding is quite difficult. We're able to angle the front edge of the nozzle allowing ramp like surface to extend the BB's depth by about 0.65mm this is ideal as BB's have the ability to freely move forwards and back about 1-2mm depending on hop type. Essentially the BB could start at "0" and its already pressed against the 'nub' of the bucking or the initial R-hop section. Or it can be "-1mm" behind with free movement going forwards or back. This is one of the reasons why AEGs can vary in shot to shot FPS. Its simply due to the fact a BB either has a running start before hop is applied, or doesn't.

Using this nozzle aims to increase FPS stability, as well as provide a more consistent start, and thus backspin when firing.

Product Details:

  • Material: 3D Engineering Resin
  • Equivalent to 21.2mm Nozzles
  • Inner Anti Tilt Rails (Helps prevent Midcap Syndrome)
  • 4 Inner Groove Oil/Debris trap
  • Tapered Nozzle for deeper insertion depth
  • Slightly notched for better feeding capabilities, while not impacting airseal.


  • Tested to fit with Modify (5.36mm)/Lonex (5.40mm) Cylinder Heads. If your Cylinder Head's Shaft diameter is larger than 5.45mm, this will not fit.
  • Not recommended with DSGs due to intense Tappet Spring tensions.