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Rethinking AEG Nozzles.
We designed a nozzle that can be installed in most stock or upgraded AEGs and benefit as much as 6% FPS with this component change alone. AEGs once firing 320 FPS achieved 330, those firing 360 achieved 385... Some 400 dialed in guns went to 420 FPS.

Theory Implemented

-Enhanced feeding notch: As a result of successful testing we realized that air nozzles could be notched slightly shorter and thus improve feeding without sacrificing air seal. It used to be where techs had to choose between longer or shorter air nozzles to improve feeding however, potentially sacrificing air seal and thus lower RPS. This benefit was made mostly possible due to the radialed edges we implemented, allowing for shorter travel required to seal with the bucking.

-Anti Blockage Vent: If a non piston head is used, a BB can plug a traditional air nozzle. We added vent holes that will allow the GB to draw in air from the air nozzle on its spring compression cycle, and decreasing air resistance in order to refill the cylinder with new air.

-Enhanced BB Seating Fingers: Our nozzle was inspired by many others to somehow increase the BB's seating position in relationship to the R-hop patch (or standard bucking) however we did not want to sacrifice feeding reliability, fps or add excessive cost due to CNCing. In almost all airsoft guns BBs are never seated into the chamber perfectly. In all cases explored, with theexception of bolt action designed guns... BBs have wiggle space when the air nozzle is forwards. It is stopped by the protruding r hop (or bucking's hop ridges) and backside against the air nozzle. We measured this wiggle area to be almost 1.5mm in most cases. Which can cause fps inconsistencies, hopup inconsistencies and thus accuracy variances. In our testing we have reduced this area by over half.

-Radialed edges: Every edge that should be radialed is radialed; not only should sharp corners be eliminated it also significantly increases its strength and prevents fracturing. These rounded corners help with the mechanical movements and prevent lockups.

-Anti Rotation: Significantly stabilizes the air nozzle to the tappet and allows the use of the other added features reliant to correct positioning.

-Oil Hole: One hole located at the start of the nozzle is intended to inject oil onto the outer shaft of the cylinder head.

-Dual linear guide rods: In efforts to minimize nozzle tilt, increase reliable fps consistencies on a wider range of magazine springs/tensions these guide rails help reduce friction while maintaining position by 3 pressure points. This also is designed to help prevent "Midcap Syndrome" from happening.

-Wide bore: Not used in the traditional sense, We matched the Inner Diameter of our nozzle to the inner diameter of most standard v2/v3 cylinder head shaft inner diameters. Whereas many other companies will shrink the bore in order to seat the BB deeper into the hop up. This allows for maximum flow of air into the barrel assembly for highest fps possible.

-Grooved channels: intended for capturing debris, and retain grease over a longer period of time.


Should work in most builds requiring a nozzle length of 21mm - 21.4mm.
Due to current testing parameter limitations. We cannot confirm if this will survive long term in 50+RPS setups, and or extremely heavy tappet plate springs. We suggest not going over -2 coils on tappet springs.

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