Umbrella Armory Enhanced Air Nozzle with integrated O-Ring (21.2/5.45mm)

3D resin printed AEG air nozzle. Revolutionary design intended for superior air seal, precision, feeding, and overall performance. FPS increase by 6% over other aftermarket air nozzles


  • Dimension: 5.45 millimeter tip diameter, 21.2 millimeter length 
  • Enhanced feeding notch
  • Anti blockage vent to decrease air resistance
  • Enhanced BB seating fingers for improved precision
  • Radiated edges for increased durability and smooth operation
  • Anti rotation design for stabilization
  • Integrated oil hole for optimized lubrication
  • Dual linear guide rods to minimize nozzle tilt, increase reliable FPS consistencies
  • Wide bore nozzle diameter to match common cylinder head shaft inner diameters for maximum air flow
  • Grooved channels intended for capturing debris and retain grease over extended period of time


  • 3D printed resin

  • DSG builds are known to cause issues, ideal for SSG builds
  • Trimmed tappet springs are not recommended
  • Keep out of extreme high temperature environments
  • Airsoft use only
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