Umbrella Armory Laser Welded 9 Tooth Bevel Gear

Laser welded steel 9 tooth bevel gear for version 2 and version 3 compatible AEG. Base 9 tooth bevel gear manufactured by ZCI; laser welded and inspected locally in Chino, California.


  • Works well with most standard 18:1, 16:1, 13:1, & 12:1 gear sets
  • Laser welded to prevent gear splitting in high performance builds
  • 9 tooth design increases the gear ratio of build slightly while also offering thicker and stronger bevel gear teeth
  • Reduces ROF by about 10% from 10 toothed bevels
  • Reduces motor heat, due to increase in mechanical torque and less stress on the motor
  • slightly lowered amperage draw over 10 toothed designs.

  • High density steel alloy construction