Umbrella Flat R-Hop Hopup Arm (Set of 2)

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Umbrella Designed Flat Hops for the Perfect R-hop

After meticulously hand tuning M-nubs from silicone rubbers, silicone foams and shaving them to just the right angle. Around in 2019, 3d Printers became so accurate, reaching accuracy of +/- 0.05mm, more accurate then injection molded components. We were able to bring to you, precision grade plastic components at a lower cost. Many of these hopup units underwent extensive revisions, often making adjustments of 0.05mm, or angles less than 1 degree just to get the arm "perfect"

These arms, all feature the same concept.

  • Increase contact length with the R-hop
  • Flattest Angle with hop applied
  • Tight tolerance precision of +/- 0.05mm
  • No Side to Side arm play
  • No up/down deviation
  • Rolled arm corners to prevent pinching

Each package includes 2x hopup Arms.