Umbrella X Japan 6.05mm R-Hop Inner Barrel

Type: Part
Created in a joint venture with PDI's Factory, and Maxxpro in creating a new standard in barrel design.

The barrel is fabricated from Japanese SUS304, and polished down to a 20 micron surface finish, to reduce friction, increase FPS, and importantly accuracy.

Extended window cut out, allows for our largest R-hop patch we've made. With 7mm in length, you will be able to lift even the heaviest of BBs, guaranteed. A must have for any Marksman.

3 varying depths for placement of O-rings to further stabilize your inner barrel.

Super Deep crowning allows for the smoothest release of the BB from your muzzle for maximum accuracy.

*Please note that the barrel assembly requires some knowledge of airsoft teching for install.
*Not compatible with ICS rifles.

** Installation Tips/Notes:
1) Upon install, ensure that the hopup cannot bounce forwards or backwards when the upper and lower are assembled.
2) Ensure that the air nozzle bore is as close to center to the hopup chamber/barrel when inspected. Look down your barrel with a flashlight to observe the air nozzle's alignment. If off center, shims are likely needed to space the gearbox to be centered for maximum efficiency.
3) We at Umbrella use VFC 21.1mm-21.2mm air nozzles. Some other length nozzles may work, and or may require modifications to the tappet spring for flawless feeding. Using too long of an air nozzle, may result in poor feeding, while too short results in low FPS.